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Trump-Clinton tied, reports say Pence for VP, Literally The Donald

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realclearThe Presidential race cannot get tighter, even if it was being scripted by Donald Trump.  As the Republican convention unveils next week, here are the latest news reports.

Trump and Clinton are tied: Boy, what a scandal can do


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are now tied in the latest New York Times/ CBS poll, 40-40.  Clinton’s untrustworthiness and lack of honesty is now at a shocking 67 percent.  By contrast, Trump hovers at 62 percent.  According to Frank Lutz, the email scandal has dropped Clinton by five points in that category.

Trump, Literally speaking

If you are ever groping to find or remember one of Donald Trump’s statements, look no further than a new Clinton twitter page,

The campaign has compiled literal statements by the GOP presumptive nominee.  For example, at top of the list is a slam by The Donald concerning Jeb Bush’s speaking Spanish, when Trump said that Bush should speak English while in the United States.

Veep Sweeps

The VP pickings are slim but many of the news publications are pointing to Governor Mike Pence. Included in that media number are Roll Call, New York Post and other news outlets.



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