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Couvillon on Senate Race: Attacks a-coming vs. Kennedy; Politician Maness; More

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maness siteThe Louisiana US Senate Race is just beginning to attract voters’ attentions.  As a result, we discussed the election with pollster John Couvillon of JMC Enterprises of Louisiana, to get his input.

On Wednesday, we published the first part of the interview, which focused upon the Democratic candidates.  On Thursday, we published part two, which targeted the Republican side of the spectrum of the political spectrum, including one independent candidate who is running for the seat.  Today, we talk about John Kennedy’s challenge as the leading candidate in the existing polls, an analogy with the current Donald Trump campaign, the lack of name recognition of those running against him and more.

Below are short segments of the comments he made about the Republican candidates.  Please watch the video playlist (also below) to obtain the complete comments which are presented via CC, closed caption.  If the transcript does not immediately start playing in the video, kindly click on the CC underneath that video.



“And, if I were Kennedy, the thing I'd be very cautious about, is the fact that-- if you were John Fleming, if you were Charles Boustany, if you are Rob Maness, anyone of those Republicans, you've got every incentive to attack the perceived front runner, being John Kennedy. So I would expect all those times of things, anything and everything he has done or not done, as treasurer-- would certainly become campaign fodder in a competitive fall campaign.”


So in other words, Donald Trump was neatly spread across all lanes of traffic and that's how he was able to finally win, was a war of attrition. John Kennedy has the potential, for that, the thing is, I don't know if he can hit back as well as Donald Trump did.


That's true the problem is the people that he is running against--is very splintered, I mean, none of them have really any statewide name recognition. Maybe, the only one who might, is maybe Caroline and maybe Foster--because they both ran statewide. The rest, they didn't run statewide. Am I right? So--

Maness ran statewide

That's true and he did very well, but, you're right, he did.

Right, right. And, and at that time he was certainly trying to take advantage the far right, the tea party voters and he was able to get that particular niche, being a non-politician and all.  Now many people perceive him, even though he has no elective office, many people perceive him now as being a politician, so that aura of being an outsider, to some extent has worn off.

Yes.He's fighting for a static share of the vote and John Fleming is certainly not going to lack for funds and if Troy Hebert with his village strategy has some potential to make some mischief and take votes away from Maness as well. So it's going to be an interesting race.

“Right. And that is the challenge--is translating or making the transition from running a statewide type campaign to running a campaign with Washington issues--because now you gonna have issues of national security, terrorism and domestic unrest as well as social issues. It's a lot more complex than just treasurer's reelection campaign.”PLAYLIST OF FIRST PART OF INTERVIEW INVOLVING REPUBLICANS RUNNING FOR US SENATE


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