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Melania Trump's oops speech and the usual Trump Campaign Mode response

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Donald Trump campaign is back in its usual “attack mode” or what I am calling “Trump Mode”.

You know Trump and the “Trump Mode”.  He’s the man who is married to the lovely Melania, whose speech is now being accused of plagiarism.  

He’s the guy, and his campaign is the campaign, that never ever admits fault.  Instead, they predictably double-down whenever attacked or criticized.  

It happens like night following day.

Trump or campaign makes an “oops” stimulus and he (and his campaign) go into defense, or “Trump mode” response.

“Trump Mode” is their telling us that we don’t know facts, despite our KNOWING the facts.  “Trump Mode” is when they tell us there is no “oops”,  no mistakes, at all.  “Trump Mode” is their blaming the everyday controversies and mishaps on the enemy or the stinking “lyin” main-stream media. 

Funny. Everyone else is a “liar” or “lyin”, but not him, nor his campaign.

We know, however, everybody else is human. We make mistakes.  Plenty of oops moments, even big OOPS. And we apologize.  Most of the time, we do so sincerely.

Not Trump.  No oops for Trump.  Never.

Instead, when everybody else believes there might be a problem, not him.  Instead, it’s time to call out the “Trump Mode”

Let’s just take one recent example: When his campaign tweeted an image of Jewish star placed over a pile of money that was taken from a racist post, he didn’t say “oops”, “wow, look what we did”, hey, this was inadvertent, we didn’t mean it”.  Sorry.  Really, sorry.

No.  He did not apologize for the error or admit that it could be perceived as a “dog whistle” to the right wingers.  Instead, he (and campaign) went into its reliable “Trump Mode”.  They collectively blasted those who felt insulted.  They said, this was not a Star of David, it was just a star.  Forget that it originated from a hate site, that it was yellow, like the yellow star on the clothes identifying Jews during the Holocaust era. Forget that it could reasonably be perceived as one of those references to those “money-grubby Jews”, that the haters love to claim now, just as they did during the days of Hitler. 

Instead, his campaign responded--NO.  His daughter converted to Judaism. His son-in-law is Jewish.  Are you stupid?

Instead of an oops and a possible “sorry folks”, which would have made this a one-hour story, we got “Trump Mode”—the “how dare you even think”.

But, since he raised that always-on "Trump Mode" defense--in this case, that no reasonable person could have taken this as a Jewish star, why shouldn’t we then and now, doubt him?  After all, here’s a New Yorker, so well-versed with “Jewishness and Jewish people”, who even used the uncommon Jewish  slang “schlong” which means #%&*?#!, many oops ago.  He knows a #%&*?#!, but not a well-known symbol of a people who feel offended by its use?

Here’s a New Yorker whose daughter has converted to Judaism, whose son is an orthodox Jew.  If anybody would know the “Jewish star” wouldn’t he?

Yet, he doesn’t know the difference between the Star of Israel fixed on all of the state flags and that of the star of a sheriff—that contain circles on its points?

But no oops.  No "sorry for the unfortunate error". Instead, take this “Trump Mode” and shove it.

And this man wants to be trusted among the leaders of the world who don’t want to hear excuses, rationales, or wiggle words.  They want words to mean what they mean.  They want America to help protect everyone from the nasty world of despicable characters lying quietly and secretly--ready to storm crowds with trucks or airports with guns?

They don’t want oops.  But, should oops occur, they want apologies and accurate explanations, not “Trump Modes”.

We know Trump is a counter-puncher, not an apologist.

That is part of his aura. 

Yet, we demand that our kids apologize and to own up to their errors when they oops.

But, not Trump? 

America wants to replace the symbolic father of our nation (a man who never told a lie), with a man who could never say an “oops”, but could only responed with an attack?

Is this the symbol we want for our kids?

Not me.

Perhaps even worse is the resulting enabling.  When “Trump Mode” is in live mode, his supporters suck it up.  They repeat and then promote it to quiet those questioning.

They also know “Trump Mode”.  They know it and oddly want it.  It is their way of getting into our faces.  It is part of the legacy of being “I’m angry and I’m not taking any more” syndrome. 

“Trump Moders” need its enablers.  And there are millions, which make it all so much more effective.

So, why would any of us expect him to quit the tactics he has deployed now all of his life that have become so apparent this past year when the businessman became politician?

Why would we expect anything but Trump Mode especially after the latest “oops” involving no other than someone near and dear--his wife Melania?

Last night, Melania Trump gave a graceful speech defending her husband, as any potential first lady would do.  However, this one, despite her beauty and elegance, is being accused as being, in part taken from, Michelle Obama’s 2008 convention speech.   

It is obvious that words, phrases and meanings are virtually identical.  Not the entire speech, but a part.

But, Trump campaign claims, we are absurdist if we see an incredible similarity of words, context and message. 

According to Trump Mode Campaign Chief, Paul Manafort (all of this comes from CNN):

"To think that she would do something like that knowing how scrutinized her speech was going to be last night is just really absurd," Trump's campaign chairman Paul Manafort told CNN's Chris Cuomo on "New Day."
"I just don't see it," Christie told CNN's Jamie Gangel in an interview Tuesday, adding later, "If we're talking about 7% of a speech, that was really, universally considered to be a good performance by Melania. I know her. There's no way that Melania Trump was plagiarizing Michelle Obama's speech."
Manafort said attacks on Trump's speech are due to Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee, being "threatened" by Trump.
"This is once again an example of when a woman threatens Hillary Clinton, she seeks out to demean her and take her down. It's not going to work," he said.

Predictably, Trump et.al. wants us to believe that we should see no evil, hear no evil and that he and his campaign can speak no evil.  Nor, can it make an oops.  They must want us to be nothing more than apes.  We must accept only what they tell us.

But, let us analyze what we know and let the honest reader decide who’s monkeying around with the truth.  

Look at the words of the two women.

Are we so stupid that we can’t see almost identical words and phrases meant to create the same mental images? 

Is it plagerism?  Doesn’t matter.  Somehow, the words and the meaning of roughly “7 percent of the speech” are put into tremendous scrutiny, as if they were swiped.

Then there is the issue of confusion—who’s telling the truth?

Mrs. Trump wants us to believe her as she tells us to believe her husband.

As per CNN: Earlier in the day, Melania Trumptold NBC's Matt Lauer: "I read once over it, that's all, because I wrote it ... with (as) little help as possible."

Ok. She wrote it with a little help, she said.

But, after the issue first became a controversy, the Trump campaign released the following:

"In writing her beautiful speech, Melania's team of writers took notes on her life's inspirations, and in some instances included fragments that reflected her own thinking. Melania's immigrant experience and love for America shone through in her speech, which made it such a success," according to Jason Miller, the senior communications adviser.

Ok.  I know English as you do.  The plain meaning of her words and those of Mr. Miller are in almost direct conflict.

Is Mr. Miller wrong? 

Um…Mr. Miller, is that, Mr. John Miller, that other communications guy of old many “oops” ago which preceded a predictable “Trump Mode” angry response? Nope, this is Jason Miller, sorry.

Or, did the lovely Melania, write it which is what she said when the text of the speech was not at issue?   

Is this another Trump “oops” moment that now involves his wife, who appears not to want to be involved in the public spotlight, but, wants to be First Lady?

Don’t know.

But, I do know the Trump train is off track, which calls for another “Trump Mode” counter-attack.

Which comes at the very moment it needs, not an oops or any mode other than “full speed ahead”.




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