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Melania Trump's speech writer thrown under bus? Trump, Clinton Roadkill

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busThe following is an unrehearsed commentary.  Below is the transcript and video.

Does the Melania Trump seach ordeal bother you?  Well, it does bother me and here's why:

Somebody somewhere is not telling the truth. 

Let's look at the history you have the speech--prior to the speech Melania tells NBC that she wrote the speech at least most of the speech and as much as, she wrote the speech as much as possible.

So let's that we have we have--her telling NBC that she wrote the speech as much as possible.  We have now the speech and then we have the following morning the allegations of plagiarism.  So what is the Trump campaign do?  Paul Manafort says there's no plagiarism and denies there's any plagiarism. Republicans go on TV and they say there's no plagiarism.  But our common sense told us otherwise.  Our common sense told us that what she said was very similar to what Michelle Obama said.  

Is that an issue?  No, I mean certainly don't want to have a plagiarize speach introducing the future First Lady or potential First Lady but that's not necessarily the issue.  The issue really comes down to something much more important and that is the question of credibility.  Yesterday on CNN we had Chris Cuomo basically calling Manafort a liar.   He did say--you're lying about the  question as to whether or not this has been, whether or not this is plagiarism.  

Well, a couple hours later, suddenly, we get on the Trump letterhead, we get the fact that some lady that a lot of people didn't existed--we get an admission by her that she actually received the information by telephone from Melania Trump-- meaning the question was--Melania is there somebody that you  respect?  That you admire. Give us some quotes or whatever she said and Melania gave this information, these quotes and the quotes were from obviously Mrs. Obama.  

I don't think Melania is going remember these.  I'm assuming that she actually or somebody on her behalf went and extracted these quotes, was transferred by telephone and, the speechwriter goes and she takes it, scribbles--gets the information and processes it.

We don't know at this point as to what happened, but somehow the speech got back into the hands of Melania.  Now think about it.  Malaria is going to read the speech. She's going to rehearse it, right? She's going to rehearse it maybe many times, although she told NBC that she only rehearsed it once which I personally have difficult time believing but still even rehearsing it once-- she's going to see the same passages.  So are we looking at a First Lady that doesn't recognize that what she's taking was exactly what she was getting, and that was an extraction from Mrs. Obama's speech?

It doesn't make any sense.  It doesn't make any sense.  And what bothers me about this is this--the Trump campaign maybe justifiably, has attacked Hillary Clinton for being an enabler over what Bill Clinton did or maybe had done or didn't do--saying that Mrs. Clinton actually attacked, verbally attacked, some of the women who were making claims against Bill Clinton.  And Trump said that anti-women, and in fact, if that's the case it is. So, what's happening here? What we know at least is--that the wife has this content, this speech, and she must know something is going on--yet the Trump campaign basically, in my opinion, puts this speech writer under the bus. Under the bus. And says, oh, well, this lady failed to---we accept her apology, she failed to read the speech again, to recognize this content is up there and doesn't say anything--hey, we apologize, because quite frankly Melania should have known better.  

So, there is something really wrong here. Wrong that the Trump campaign went and they attacked people who were suspicious--and finally when they had no other choice, to admit that somehow they have writer who quite frankly a lot of people say they didn't even know, she all of the sudden put up some social media pages.  I'm accepting she is a real person, but nevertheless, that is what has been out there.  But still, what you have is--you have a situation where the Trump campaign has denied and fried.  Suddenly, their taking this on their own letterhead, they're taking this apology and this is out there.  

Couldn't this lady, who maybe really messed up, but putting her under the bus.

So, if you feel comfortable about that, fine.  If you feel comfortable about Mrs. Clinton and the allegations are being made about her, and think that maybe she should have done more--and I'm saying, if those allegations are true--yea--what she did was horrible.  

But, i've got to tell you, at least, in my opinion, assume the truth of the allegations against Mrs. Clinton--because i think we have enough facts here in terms of the Trump situation.  

We have candidates who are putting women under the bus. 

And that just is not right.  

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