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Trump won't leave US at the Prom, like Clinton and Obama

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obama promWhat a speech Donald Trump gave last night!

And to those still undecided, Donald’s speech resonated inclusion. Sum it up like this:

Don’t get dumped– vote Trump!

I like it.

But what’s it mean?

It means that voting Trump will ensure that we are voting for a vision and greatness, a man with a plan, and a man who will stick around and not just dump you once you give him your vote.

Trump will take you to the prom, even bring the corsage, and call you the next day!

Why should women, African Americans, Hispanics, GLBTGs and yes, American Muslims, vote for Donald Trump?

Because he wants to make them all part of the new American wealth and power, and keep them safe.

Trump wants to take us all to the prom! And he will call again in the morning!

Last night, Trump made clear that he’s committed to all the American people.

What’s the alternative?

Getting slickly romanced, getting used, and getting dumped– like what Democratic President Barak Obama did to women, African Americans, Hispanics, GLBTGs and yes, even Muslim Americans after they helped catapult him into the presidency.

Obama romanced the voters– especially women, African Americans, Hispanics, GLBTGs and yes, Muslim Americans for sure– and then, once he had his way with these voters, he dumped them.

“I got your vote!” he preaches with that smug self-centeredness we’ve come to loathe, as he and Michelle drove off to the White House.

“I got your vote!”

And then, Obama never called his dates again.

Obama didn’t want a big romance with women, African Americans, Hispanics, GLBTGs and yes, Muslim Americans.

Obama loves ‘em and leaves ‘em, and Hillary will do exactly the same. If women, African Americans, Hispanics, GLBTGs and American Muslims think that Hillary Clinton will be different from her former political adversary Obama, they vote for her at their peril.

Hillary’s just Obama with lipstick and a Mao pants suit.

Trump’s call to “Make America Great Again,” to “Make America Safe Again,” and now, to “Make America One Again” is not an invitation to travel backwards in time to a warp when June Cleaver baked hot cookies for Wally and “the Beav.” Trump’s not issuing invitations to fly Confederate flags or put on a frilly apron like Hazel and one-up “Mr. B.” Trump’s not harkening back to a pre-civil rights movement or to segregated schools. These are false images conjured by the Radical Left to frighten voters into voting for the worst choice– Hillary.

Trump’s presidency won’t be the sullen spectator sport it’s been in Obama’s time. Trump wants all Americans to lose their passivity, to move forward, fix problems, work and strive together, tackle important issues, get jobs, become wealthy, become educated, become healthy, create their own businesses, “run ‘Chiiiiy-nah’ outta town,” keep illegal immigrants out, reduce crime and create the best of all worlds for the coming American generations.

Barak Obama started his first presidential term by rallying the African Americans vote, which was of course expected. But Obama electrified African Americans and Hispanic voters, too– at first. They expected Obama to be like a black John F. Kennedy, but more hip, more egalitarian, more inspirational. Michelle Obama was to be like Jackie– glamorous, well-toned arms, and always super-well-dressed.

But where was the magic of Camelot in Obama’s “Yes We Can?”

Where was the fulfillment of Martin Luther King’s profound vision of a nation of equal opportunity, unified in mutual love and respect and undivided by race?

Obama has failed to fulfill his promise.

Instead, police, troubled souls and innocent GLBTGs and their families and friends lie dead in our streets.

Hillary Clinton’s presidential platform promises to be governed by a similar squandering.

Clinton’s supporters and Obama’s apologists have mocked Trump for his flowing locks, his bombastic speaking style, his sexy wife, his talented and beautiful children, his business successes and failures, and his daring to speak his outspoken mind.

But unlike Hillary, who promises four more years of unbearable Obama-ism, Trump promises a new and better way to a Great America.

Trump’s promise is to include all Americans in his vision of a New Prosperity and a New National Safety plan. For Trump, a rising tide does truly life all boats.

Muslim Americans are included in Trump’s world vision. But they must separate themselves from criminal ISIS and ISIS-inspired fanatics. Muslims generally work hard, have high social values deeply compatible with conservative American life, and share Trump’s generous vision of widespread wealth-creation.

Hillary offers nothing but more heated-up Obamism– where women, African Americans, Hispanics, GLBTGs and Muslim Americans are simply used for their strategic votes, and then pensioned out to pasture.

Don’t get dumped! Vote Trump!

I like it.

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Sarah Whalen

sarahw2Sarah Whalen is a university journalism instructor, attorney and author.

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