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DNC: Michelle Obama's "big lie", Bernie Sanders's "big sellout

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sandersThe Democratic National Convention is a celebration of big lies.

And the big “scare” is underway.

First, Bernie Sanders was robbed of his political mantle by Hillary Clinton’s supporters. Second, Michelle Obama opened the Democratic National Convention complaining that she lived in “a house that slaves built.”

She’s talking about the White House.

But Washington, D.C.’s a town built upon slavery. It and nearby Alexandria, Virginia are full of houses that slaves built.

And you can’t blame the Republicans for that!

Slavery was supported, defended and extended by Michelle’s political party– the Democratic Party– even after the Civil War had ended. And if Bernie Sanders stands for anything, it’s the right of Americans to be workers, not slaves.

What happened to Sanders’ voice of outrage?

Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama sliced off the parts that made Bernie a bossy baritone and turned him into a squeaky soprano, obediently singing on cue.

Michelle, descended from slaves and free whites, wants Americans to vote Democrat– the same party whose members who murdered Abraham Lincoln, the president who freed the slaves and sought to redistribute wealthy Southern whites’ properties.

Doesn’t Sanders care about that?

Michelle Obama wants Americans to vote for the Democratic Party that created the Ku Klux Klan– a group that persecuted, hunted down slaves and brutally lynched them.

Doesn’t Sanders care?

The immediate myth is that Michelle Obama, because she’s African American, experienced racial struggle growing up. That’s why Michelle claims the White House was “built by slaves.” She has to say something! She can’t talk about her own family life or experiences, and convincingly claim to be a disadvantaged, suffering African American.

Another myth is that Michelle’s husband, because he’s a Kenyan American, engaged in some kind of unique racial struggle growing up.

Where– in Hawaii? Or Indonesia?

Both Michelle and Barak Obama were exceptionally privileged. Michelle claims she grew up in what she says was a “conventional” home, with “the mother at home, the father works, you have dinner around the table.” Michelle went to good schools, and then off to Princeton University and Harvard Law School.

So...where’s Michelle Obama’s epic struggle?

Barak’s was a very elite, “international” upbringing. Yet he describes being troubled by his mother’s skin, which he describes as being “white as milk,” and his father’s being “black as pitch.”

Funny, though, how this didn’t keep Obama out of the best schools.

The only hardship Obama convincingly says he experienced was his parents’ divorce and his “black as pitch” father’s abandonment. Nevertheless, his “white as milk” mother and white grandparents sent him to prep school, and then on to exclusive private universities– Los Angeles’s Occidental College and New York’s Columbia University. His later admitted drug use and low-life cruising was entirely his own indulgence. Barak says he pulled out of it, went on to Harvard Law School, and then into Sidley & Austin, an elite law firm where Michelle also worked.

So the Obamas’ experiences with the racial discrimination they claim persistently hangs over all American life like a wet rag– what are they, exactly?

It’s all a big lie and a big “scare.”

Bernie Sanders’ caving in to these self-serving whiners is disgraceful.

Likewise, Hillary Clinton enjoyed a privileged upbringing and exclusive, private education. Like Michelle Obama’s mother, Hillary’s mother was a homemaker who did not work. Hillary attended exclusive, private Wellesley College in Massachusetts, and went on to Yale, where she met co-Yalie Bill Clinton at a pizza and joint-smoking (but “not inhaling” party)– and the rest is history.

How odd, then, that both these daughters of extreme privilege did not personally spend time raising their own daughters, but instead focused on fulfilling their own political ambitions. What arises is a different kind of wealthy privilege– the raising of children by highly paid caretakers and subsidized relatives.

Where’s the hardship?

At the opening of the DNC convention, Michelle fatuously said that Hillary Clinton was “the only” candidate she trusted with her children’s future.


Michelle’s children’s futures certainly do not involve the hardships of most mainstream Americans. Her eldest is going to Harvard after enjoying the luxury of a “gap” year, and both attended the prestigious Sidwell School where annual tuition is higher than the salaries of many Bernie Sanders constituents.

Where’s the hardship?

Michelle’s complaint that she was First Lady of a “house built by slaves” belies the fact that the Republican Party freed these slaves long ago.

The greatness of America– which Michelle did acknowledge– is the greatness of the Republican Party.

The Democrats, then and now, want to hold people–black and white– in psychological slavery– and in fear– forever, because this is the only way the Democrats can keep winning.

Bernie Sanders sold his supporters out.

Michelle Obama told her big "slavery" lie, and now the big “scare” is in.

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Sarah Whalen

sarahw2Sarah Whalen is a university journalism instructor, attorney and author.

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