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WikiLeaks drop shows dirty DNC-Hillary email laundry

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 debbie wasserman schultzby Ron Chapman           

WikiLeaks released nearly 20,000 emails that Crucifer II allegedly hacked from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) several months ago.   This trove of inside communications has revealed the level to which the national party sought to disrupt and disparage the campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders.   The revelations are not the musings of some lower level interns, but reflect inner conspiratorial workings at the highest echelons.

In addition to a determined effort on the DNC’s part to stop Sanders, there are also emails relating to organizing “protests” to disrupt Donald Trump’s campaign rallies and stuffing them with Democratic campaign interns.   Additionally, they created untrue narratives about Trump in ads.  These are truly dangerous and underhanded dirty tricks. It makes one think of Richard Nixon and his G. Gordon Liddy operatives.  But Democrats are above such shenanigans, right…obviously not!  

Furthermore, WikiLeaks promises to release even more emails.  This was Hillary Dump #1 according to them.   One can only imagine what else might be out there.

This whole affair already raises some interesting questions:

First, was there any coordination or communication between the Clinton Campaign and Debbie Wasserman Shultz, chairman of the DNC?  Shultz co-chaired Hillary’s 2008 campaign for President and openly supports her to this day.  In fact, immediately after resigning as chairwoman of DNC she gained a paid position with Hillary’s campaign.  Can one believe there was no contact at all between the Clinton campaign and Shultz before?  Can one believe anything Hillary or Shultz say?

Second, money laundering between the Clinton Campaign and the “Hillary Victory Fund” occurred.  Funds meant to be spent for state Democratic organizations were diverted back to the Clinton Campaign in violation of campaign contribution limitation laws.   One email states the Clinton Campaign is “…taking advantage of state parties to skirt fundraising limits on her presidential campaign.” The email continues; “…so in the end of the day most of the state parties have received exactly $0 from their Victory Fund arrangement.” This scam netted Clinton $61 million in questionable funds.

Third, infiltrating the Sanders campaign with fake workers who were actually “moles.” Their purpose was to report inside information to the DNC.  That could only benefit the Clinton Campaign. Simply put, the DNC inserted spies to subvert Sander’s operations.

Fourth, they fostered a cozy relationship between certain press organizations and the DNC where reporters cleared stories with DNC before turning them in to their publishers. The love affair between the media and Clinton has been suspected for a long time… now it is documented!  One would think the press would be embarrassed about this, but apparently not.

Fifth, creating false Trump stories and ads for the purpose of disparaging their opponent and creating a false narrative about his positions and beliefs.  This raises a question: How many of the stories about Trump now circulating were invented by the DNC?

Sixth, had the DNC not sabotaged the Sanders’ campaign, he may have done better in gaining delegates.   In which case the underhanded tampering by the DNC may have altered the outcome of the democratic process. What are the implications of that for “free and fair elections”?

Finally, one must consider the Hillary Clinton defense.   Once again she resorts to her tried and true conspiracy theory to divert attention from the real problem.  “The Russians did it and they did it to help Donald Trump!”  Bogey men under every bed.  As if, somehow, Trump is in cahoots with Vladimir Putin.

Well, at least this does not fit into her standard “vast right-wing conspiracy” song like the rest of her defenses.  The Clintons are once again diverting attention from the real story and attacking the messenger.  Who cares about the source... the information is true!  Hillary runs on the notion that if you discredit the messenger you discredit the message.  In the past that might have worked, not this time.  

If indeed the Russians did penetrate the DNC server and are responsible for releasing the emails to WikiLeaks as she claims, one might also assume they hacked her unsecured basement server?   If so, then the legal case against Hillary expands.  Her recklessness did allow classified American information to fall into the hands of foreign governments.

Consider this also.   The internet rumor is that Russians hacked the DNC for information about Trump.   Rather than spending an inordinate amount of time and energy developing a dossier on Trump, they knew that the Clinton “politics of personal destruction” team had already assembled one.   Why not just steal it?  

This email drop is telling.   It discloses the dirty tricks the DNC employed against one of its own candidates and revealed partisan efforts to foment protests and false narratives against the candidate from the opposing party.   This is not good and it serves to highlight why people don’t trust Hillary or anyone associated with her.   They will stoop to any level to achieve their ends.   Ethics be damned.

Bottom line:  The Clintons and the DNC are dirty.  Laws, integrity, propriety, and honor have no place in their house.  It’s about winning and only winning, no matter the cost.  Everything is acceptable in their quest for power while the “free press” turns it hea

How can we teach our children to honor our democratic system when those entrusted with protecting this sacred process pervert and pollute it for personal political gain?   What happened to honor, integrity, fairness, and respect for traditions?  Given this toxic political environment, what does this portend for the future of our nation?

Ron Chapma is an award winning columnist, professor and business person.  






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