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WACKO DNC: Speaker, Astrid Silva cites Nazi gestapo tactics against illegal immigrants

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silvaDo you think American society is a Nazi society?

Astrid Silva does.

Do you think American laws are enforced by Nazi Gestapo-like officials?

Astrid Silva does.

Don’t ask how real it is.

Astrid lives in terror of that “knock on the door.”

It’s kinda like Anne Frank, except that Anne Frank and her family were lawful citizens of Holland which was invaded by REAL Nazis and Gestapo officials who were NOT Dutch citizens.

But “living in terror” is the picture that really gets people going.

Don’t ask how real it is.

In her Democratic National Convention address, Astrid paints a picture of a helpless Mexican family living by a Las Vegas golf course when– boom! Suddenly, in the dawn hours, evil Gestapo-like U.S. immigration officials confront her Mexican father outside the family’s home as he was leaving for work.

The nerve! The outrage!

How DARE U.S. immigration officials try to determine the legal status of a hard-working Mexican national illegally resident in the United States!

Astrid gripes that the Gestapo then took her father to a Las Vegas jail, where the judge then allowed him to be released, pending deportation or the magical, self-serving legislation that will instantly legalize Astrid’s father and all other twelve million illegally-resident immigrants.

How could this happen?

Didn’t Hillary have eight years of Hillary’s co-presidency with hubby Bill, eight years of Hillary being a U.S. Senator, and eight years of Hillary’s co-presidency with Obama? That’s 24 years total to help Astrid Silva and her father!

How could Clinton’s Democrats do absolutely nothing for Astrid, her father and the 12 million illegal foreign residents here?

Just like the doomed Franks hiding in their attic, Astrid describes a life lived in terror: “My dad still has an order of removal” hanging over his head “He has a temporary stay that is extended a year at a time so he still lives with fear of being deported.” And Astrid wasn’t able to “go home to Mexico” for her grandmother’s funeral because she fears being barred from returning to Las Vegas.

So much fear!

Astrid says that America’s evil Gestapo can just reach out and send Astrid’s dad straight back to Mexico: “Every time he goes back and checks in with immigration, my family knows that at any moment his stay may not be renewed and he could be deported.”

Listening to Astrid, one would think that America is a great place to live– if it just weren’t for those gosh darn Nazis and their Gestapo agents rounding up illegals.

Astrid says that her father’s under a deportation order back to Mexico because some evil “notary” filled out “papers” that were supposed to magically legalize her father’s presence, and that instead of getting a “green card,” her father received a “deportation order.”

Gosh! That’s so...outrageous! How could that happen?

It’s taboo to point out that Astrid’s parents made a calculated decision to illegally enter and remain in the United States with Astrid, then age 4. Astrid claims her younger brother is an “anchor baby” and a “born U.S. citizen,” and this makes the Silvas “a mixed status family.”

Don’t ask how real it is.

What the Silvas are is an extended Mexican family with one member who’s a dual national. All are adults, going into the third generation of being illegal. And all want to stay in the United States, but they don’t want to play by the rules, regulations and laws that govern American life. The Silvas want to write their own rules, regulations and laws– laws that please them and convenience them and benefit them personally.

And Astrid is now...28? Cruising into 30?

And behind Astrid are 12 million illegals who also don’t want to play by the rules, regulations and laws of the United States.

While waiting for that “knock on the door” and living in terror, waiting for the Gestapo to arrive, Astrid likes going to school– a lot. Obama claims she’s got three degrees. And like Obama, Astrid is a “political organizer.” She runs the “Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada” and another illegal-immigrant group, “Dream Big Vegas.”

Don’t ask how real it is.

But Astrid’s not the first illegal Mexican to address the DNC. Benita Veliz “made history” in 2012 when she became the first undocumented immigrant of any kind to address convention delegates nominating Barak Obama in North Carolina.

Benita also lived in terror of that infamous early-morning knock on the door by America’s Gestapo.

“I’ve had to live almost my entire life knowing I could be deported just because of the way I came here,” Benita told Democrats.

Why switch out Benita for Astrid? Maybe Hillary wanted a fresh face for her stale old claim thatAmerica’s Nazi Gestapo terrorize illegal immigrants.

Don’t ask how real it is.

Sarah Whalen

sarahw2Sarah Whalen is a university journalism instructor, attorney and author.

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