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Louisiana GOP reacts to David Duke, but Trump primes far-right pumps

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trump campaignGlad to see that the Louisiana GOP is trying to put a stop to David Duke since he is an embarrassment to the state and to the party.

Yesterday, it was reported that there is an effort to disallow him from running as a Republican.


But, why is anybody surprised that David Duke and his band of Dukkkies would not feel comfortable in the party, as of late?

While Donald Trump has mouthed the words of rejection of the neo-nazi, he has a long campaign history of acting contrarian.  I wrote about this earlier this week and created this video below for further explanation.

The King of Twitter has tweeted up a political storm with his dog whistles specifically directed to haters.

A Fortune Magazine sheds some light as to what has been the modus operandi observed on that social media forum by Trump and team.  It is quite troubling.  Here are excerpts but I would absolutely recommend this as an afternoon reading:

The article starts with:

In late January, Donald Trump did something that would have sunk almost any other presidential campaign: He retweeted an anonymous Nazi sympathizer and white supremacist who goes by the not-so-subtle handle@WhiteGenocideTM. Trump neither explained nor apologized for the retweet and then, three weeks later, he did it again. This subsequent retweet was quickly deleted, but just two days later Trump retweeted a different user named@EustaceFash, whose Twitter header image at the time also included the term “white genocide.”
None of this went unnoticed among ardent racists, many of whom believe there is a coordinated effort to eventually eliminate the “white race.”
Trump is “giving us the old wink-wink,”wroteAndrew Anglin, editor of a white supremacist website calledThe Daily Stormer, after Trump retweeted two other “white genocide” theorists within a single minute. “Whereas the odd White genocide tweet could be a random occurrence, it isn’t statistically possible that two of them back to back could be a random occurrence. It could only be deliberate…Today in America the air is cold and it tastes like victory.”

Fortune did some investigating and analysis, using the Little Bird product.  Early this year, they noted that:

“Since the start of his campaign, Donald Trump has retweeted at least 75 users who follow at least three of the top 50 #WhiteGenocide influencers. Moreover, a majority of these retweeted accounts are themselves followed by more than 100 #WhiteGenocide influencers.”
 But the relationship isn’t limited to retweets. For example, Trump national campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson (who is black), follows the most influential #WhiteGenocide account,@Genophilia, which is best known forhelping to launcha Star Wars boycott after it became known that the new film’s lead character was black. (Below are some recent #WhiteGenocide tweets from @Genophilia.)

The article continues:

Moreover, Pierson has company within Trump’s campaign:
  • The official Twitter account for Trump’s campaign in Nevada follows #WhiteGenocide influencers #3 and #40.
  • The official Twitter account for Trump’s campaign in North Carolina previously followed #20, #74 and #77.
  • Tana Goertz, a senior Trump advisor and co-chair of his Iowa campaign, follows #74 and #117.
  • Nancy Mace, Trump’s South Carolina coalitions director, follows #20 and #35.
  • Elizabeth Mae Davidson, a former campaign staffer who later sued Trump’s campaignfor alleged sexual discrimination, follows #40.
  • Dena Espenscheid, Trump’s Virginia field director, follows #5, #22 and #35.
  • Several grassroots organizations campaigning for Trump also follow #WhiteGenocide influencers. The most notable example may be Students for Trump, a national organization whose top two student leaders have met personally with Trump. Its main Twitter account (@TrumpStudents) follows nine of the top 100 #WhiteGenocide influencers, plus users like @WhiteAmericaKKK.
  • Even the Twitter account for @USAFreedomKids, the young girls whose performance for Trump in Florida became a viral sensation, follows 13 of the top 100 #WhiteGenocide influencers, plus another account that promotes a pro-Hitler documentary called The Greatest Story Never Told.
  • Fortune also used Little Bird software to analyze the top 50 influencers of the Trump campaign slogan #MakeAmericaGreatAgain, and found that 43 of them each follow at least 100 members of the #WhiteGenocide network.
  • Trump himself follows just 42 total Twitter accounts, none of which are #WhiteGenocide influencers. But a whopping 67.5% of the #WhiteGenocide influencers do follow@realDonaldTrump (as of March 15), while another 24.1% follow Trump campaign social media director @DanScavino. This compares to just 17.7% that follow @tedcruz, 5.7% that follow @HillaryClinton, 4% that follow @BernieSanders and 2% that follow@JohnKasich.
What the data shows, however, is that Donald Trump and his campaign have used social media to court support within the white supremacist community, whether intentionally or unintentionally. And it appears to have worked.

So, it came at no surprise that when Trump tweeted from a hate site the Jewish Star placed in front of a pile of money, with the image claiming that Hillary was crooked, eyebrows would be raised.

star david 4

You would think that Trump would have acknowledged the sensitivities who were complaining but he did not.  In fact, he attacked those who said they felt repulsed by the connection.  He did this, despite the fact that his campaign has been repeatedly told that the haters were voraciously following and harassing minorities who criticized the presidential candidate on twitter and elsewhere online.  He did this despite the story that Jewish writers, who might be anti-Trump, were given a digital “Jewish gold star” they could wear on their online identities, marking them, just like the Nazis identified Jews.   












WATCH VIDEO: GOP, Trumpism and the revival of the David Dukes from BayouBuzz on Vimeo.

Please watch this video--You can click on link or the image above.

deo:  Oh, but Trump has denounced Duke)

Mattered not to Donald Trump nor to Team Donald.

And, it didn’t seem too odd that when the General Michael Flynn, who was being considered as a Vice President candidate and who later appeared as a major speaker supporting Trump at the Republican National convention was found tweeting this, days after his speech, this past Sunday.


He later apologized and said it was a mistake.

The point is: No US political campaign has ever been so infested with hate monger supporters as is the Trump campaign.  These things just don’t happen.  There is a real disturbing pattern.

It did not come as any surprise that when Duke qualified as a Republican last week, that he would cite the Trump campaign as the reason for his political revival and run for office.

Under no circumstance am I claiming that the national or the state GOP are against minorities and Jews, although, I am stating that I believe the new voters who have signed up to support Trump just might be in that racist and neo-nazi number.  I am also claiming that in order for Trump to win, he’s going to have to get much more of the white vote, therefore, reach out to people that other candidates try not to court.

It comes at no surprise when an Indian minority Louisiana US Senate candidate Abhay Patel has been viciously attacked by fellow dukkies after criticizing the fellow republican.

It comes at no surprise that the GOP wants to disassociate itself from David Duke.  What might be surprising however, is the extent that the state and national party is defending the head of the party, its own nominee, Donald Trump, whenever these anti-minority embarrassments occur.

Duke’s foray into Louisiana politics as a republican is an outgrowth of the statements by the party leader and presidential candidate, Donald Trump.   The evidence is very clear that his campaign is surrounded online and promoted by these haters and that the campaign itself follows the right-wing influencers, to more than a curious amount.

If and when the state party decides to sanction Duke by taking away his republican credentials, it just might want to accept a certain reality.  Its Presidential candidate, despite his mild denunciations of one of its leaders, Duke, is clearly having a guilt by association problem that is harming good Republican folks as party participants and their candidates, down ticket.

Ultimately, the party has itself to blame.

Donald Trump, GOP US Senate candidate and the revival of David Duke's forces


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