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Khizr Khan's background, motives slashing Trump remain in air

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Khizr Khan, speaking at Hillary Clinton’s Democratic National Convention, raged at Donald Trump.

Khizr says Trump’s soul is “black” and his heart’s depraved.

But how did Khizer and his silent-witness wife, Ghazala, come to stand within that bright white circle of small stars on Hillary’s DNC dias?

That circle looks SO much like the crescent-shaped “circle” of identical stars forming the logo of the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative– two organizations linked to “Clinton Cash” that reportedly flowed into Bill’s bank account and Hillary’s election kitties.

Are Khizr and Ghazala related to this cash flow?

Is that how these two Pakistani characters so suddenly materialized with Khizer’s rage-filled rant and Ghazala’s depressive silent fleshy sadness?

Khizr’s kinda vague on how he became a U.S. citizen. In one account, he and Ghazala arrived “with empty pockets” and threw themselves upon the mercy of Harvard University, which generously gave him a full scholarship to “study law.” He ended up at Hogan Lovells, a pretty tony law firm with a Washington, D.C. office.

Others say Khizr came from Pakistan by way of the United Arab Emirates– a pretty comfortable place filled with billionaire hedge funders.

Partners and lawyers at Hogan Lovells speak glowingly of Khizr. They call Khizr a “colleague,” a “legal consultant,” a “litigation support” specialist, and “the firm’s manager of litigation technology.”


But the one word nobody uses to describe Khizr Khan is “lawyer”– as in, “attorney,” as in “a person licensed to practice law in a state or territory of the United States.”

This doesn’t mean that Khizr is NOT a real lawyer.

But if he is, then why don’t people just say so?

And if he isn’t a lawyer, then what does he do? How did a penniless Pakistani with a wife and two-year-old child in tow just arrive in the United States, become a “law” student at America’s foremost private university, work in a top law firm, and become a U.S. citizen?

It’s worth asking– not to attack Khizr or mock him, but to just figure out who he is. I mean, a real journalist might actually ask these kinds of questions before putting Khizr back on yet more television, and especially on all the top Sunday morning news shows.

An attractive “news reader” might not.

Is there any “Clinton Cash” kicking around Pakistani dual nationals like Khizr?

Does or did Hogan Lovells do any work for the Clinton Foundation or the Clinton Global Initiative? Does or did Hogan Lovells do any work for Pakistan, or a related agency?

Why care?

One reason is that Khizr and Ghazala Khan are just another over-privileged husband-and-wife team– just like the Clintons. Free education at Harvard in “law” but not a lawyer? There’s an echo of this in Hillary Clinton’s much-touted but blurry resume. Hillary claims to be a life-long “advocate for children” as a lawyer for the Children’s Defense Fund– which is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts– right by Harvard University. But the fact is that Hillary only worked for the Children’s Defense Fund for six months– six months!

That’s not very long.

And now, after 30 years, Hillary now admits that, between graduating from Yale Law School and working for the Children’s Defense Fund, she failed the Washington, D.C. bar exam. She did pass the Arkansas bar exam, and eventually came to work there and marry Bill and on and on and on, but...if she’d stayed in Cambridge or Washington, D.C., she would not have been able to work as a real lawyer– not without passing their bar exams.

And still– somehow– the Clintons have amassed not just a few million dollars, but tens and perhaps even hundreds of millions of dollars– by doing...well, not much!

Except wrangling Hillary’s job as U.S. Secretary of State, which caused a virtual gold rush of repressive nations to contribute “Clinton Cash.”

How much (if any) of these big-money politics have been carried out by Khizr Khan’s employer? And has Khizr had anything to do with it?

Khizr and Ghazala’s eldest son– all their sons, in fact– attended or are attending University of Virginia– another entity active with the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative. Reports indicate that Khizr and Ghazala’s grief was so unrelenting that therapists recommended they move to UVA’s campus– to be close to their surviving sons, and close to the memory of their departed son. Larry Sabato, a UVA political scientist who’s an outspoken “Hillary for President” supporter, sputtered with umbrage about anyone daring to question Khizr Khan’s sincerity.

But the time has come to learn more about Khizr Khan and his new found fame. While the Khans’ son truly died as a soldier serving in Iraq, questions about his parents– and who’s paying them for what– hang in the air.

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