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From Russia, with Donald Trump's Love

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russia trumpby Mike Malak

In Los Angeles, during Ike's presidency, it used to be illegal to go outside for 15 minutes, every 1st Friday of the month, when air-raid sirens blared as part of civil defense drills in case the Russians attacked.  

In school, children practiced "duck and cover" by hiding under their desks in case of a Russian nuclear bomb. Parents considered sending their children to Mexico, to save their lives, during the Cuban Missile crisis.

Stalin killed millions and millions of his own people during his reign of terror. Russian dissidents who lived through various purges were sent to Siberian work camps to die of starvation and brutality.

Nikita Khrushchev banged his shoe on a table at the U.N. and told America "We will destroy you; we will bury you." President Richard Nixon stood up to Khrushchev in the Kitchen Debate when he was Eisenhower's V.P.

The KGB bugged the American Embassy in Moscow and the building had to be demolished because there were so many listening devices.

The Russians crushed the Hungarian freedom movement with tanks and sheer brutality.

Russia supported the Hanoi government during the Viet Nam War.

Presidents John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan, alike, stood up for the people of East Berlin who were being held captive by Russia.

Lee Harvey Oswald, who killed J.F.K., spent two years in Russia and was affiliated with "Fair Play for Cuba," a movement that supported Fidel Castro.

Soviet agents were behind the near fatal shooting of St. John Paul II in St. Peter's Square, using KGB surrogates from the Bulgarian secret services who hired a fanatical radicalized Islamic gunman from the Mid-East.

A recent critic of Vladimir Putin was radiation poisoned, to death, in London. Many other critics of his regime have died under suspicious circumstances.

The Russians seized the Crimea from the Ukraine just two years ago.

According to U.S. intelligence reports, Russian spy agency operatives hacked the DNC, the Democratic Congressional Committee, and the Clinton campaign. Trump condoned Russia's hack by urging them to disclose the ill-gotten fruits--facts about Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State.

After charges of treason emerged, against him, Trump said he was just joking, though he used information from the hacks to attack Clinton.

Numerous Russian athletes, even whole teams, are barred from the Rio Olympics because of recent cheating facilitated by Russian government clandestine services.

Russia has sponsored unimaginable global terrorism in our lifetimes.

Vladimir Putin, the ex-KGB official who now leads Russia, has praised Donald Trump. Trump has expressed mutual admiration.  For three consecutive years, Trump said he and Putin had a relationship and even said he communicated with the Russian leader.  Now that he is under the fire, Trump denies a relationship, claims he never talked with Putin and even questions the meaning of the word, "relationship" in defending the indefensible.

Trump has threatened NATO, has annnounced uncertainty whether he would support American's NATO committment to defend in one of the country's is attacked and said, in so many words, that it'd be good if Russia were a friend, not a foe.

Trump says, if President, he may not be opposed to further Russian moves in the Ukraine and would consider lifting U.S. sanctions imposed on Russia for annexing the Crimea.

Not long ago Donald Trump, Jr., in a published interview, said there is a huge amount of money coming to Trump enterprises from Russia. Tax returns that might prove, or disprove, this are unavailable. Donald Trump, Sr. has bragged about how much real estate he has sold in the U.S. to Russian oligarchs and wanted to build a Trump Tower in Moscow.

Paul Manafort, Trump's current campaign manager, has close ties to Russia, financial and political. Manafort, also, has represented several dictators, worldwide, in attempts to make them seem more palatable to Western democratic constituencies, and/or has planned political campaigns for them.

Groups like the John Birch Society, and its founder Robert Welch, warned America, years ago, about men like Trump, likening them to wolves in sheep’s clothing, but were dismissed as fringe and alarmist crackpots. Their predictions of a bleak future, if America sleeps in the face of clear and present danger from within, are no longer so far-fetched.

Even though she, also, has baggage, Republican Senator Lindsay Graham said, "There will be a time when love of country trumps hatred of Hillary Clinton." Hopefully he, too, is prescient.

Mike Malak is an attorney, writer and photographer.  He resides in California.

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