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Who nose if Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is the more dishonest?

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pinocchio1Who nose which candidate is the less believable?

Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

For almost a year, we have heard and read that Hillary Clinton lies, cannot be believed and will say what she needs to say to get elected.  Trump calls her "crooked Hillary". Trump seems to call everybody a liar with whom he does not like.  From Jeb Bush Marcos Rubio to Ted Cruz to Hillary Clinton.


Hillary, attacks Trump on two fronts--his lack of honesty and his temperament which is his inability to be Presidential, therefore, govern.

However, both of their credibility numbers are horrible and they are running neck and neck on the low scale of honesty.

Who is the most dishonest?



Here are two videos (and there are more) that shed light on not just the question of telling the truth, but, being consistent with the same story.

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