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Trump, social media cries of media, poll bias, rigged systems assault America

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trump disavowOk folks, time to get serious.

I know that the Trump campaign wants America and the world to believe that the media is biased, the polls are in cahoots with the media and that the system and the election, are rigged.

I know it wants to believe that the shadows of globalism are controlling our strings.

 You see him make these claims daily on television.  You then read an army of his supporters repeat this very insanity, every day, on social media.

And we expect our kids to respect American institutions both now and in the future?

What has prompted this column along with my posting the videos below  was a Facebook post that I saw written by one of Trump’s major supporters.  I appreciate partisanship but this one simply blew me away. I found it even more repugnant because it was written by someone who should know better, someone I respect. But based upon that post (and others), I must put him into one of two categories:  He possesses so much hatred and anger that his eyes can no longer see the truth.  Or, he is a shill and cheerleader for the Trump campaign and doesn’t care about the long-term impact of this insipid message.

Again, Trump and this Facebook poster (and similar people promoting this filth) want us not to believe the polls, the media, the system or the election results.  They insist upon promoting one grand international conspiracy--- not just within our own nation, but thorughout the world.  They claim we live in a world that is rigged by various unknown forces, personified by the media, pollsters and insiders.  They believe that somehow, in some way, these forces are interconnected to rule this nation and the world.  

I agree that the media recently has focused upon the outlandish, outrageous comments by Donald Trump. His supporters now argue that he is not articulate, not a politician, so he doesn't speak as well as everybody else, but so what--he still should be President of the United States.  They say that the hysteria against him is deceptive, contrived and unfair.

But, they ignore his own incendiary statements that prompts the public and the media to respond. They somehow refuse to blame the very cause of this madness,--their own world view and that personified by Donald Trump.

Almost daily he makes outrageous statements and his supporters applaud or are amused by them.  When Trump is criticized, he and they blame the forces of political correctness.  He continuously makes suggestions and insinuations that have demeaned members of his own party, the party itself, and seemingly anyone questioning his positions or temperament.  On Tuesday, he made a bizarre statement about 2nd amendment supporters, that on its face could be interpreted as innocuous speech.  But, it also be interpreted as cynical inciting others who are angry to committ violence.  Regardless of his motive, the comment was so unnecessary and potentially harmful that it dominated every newscast and conversation.  He has the unspeakale propensity and penchant to say the outrageous, then deny making the statement altogether.  Or, he says he was misquoted (or misinterpreted).  Still, the comments are offensive, the media has another story and the  controversies surrounding him logically continue. 

Then, he or his hacks blame the media for the attention and his forces get even more resentful.  It necessarily follows that another group of Republicans are  dismayed and frightened and threaten to walk away from him and party.  

You would think that Trump and  his supporters would wonder, why is this happening over and over?  Instead, they cry outloud—the media, the pundits, the polls, the world is against us and everthing is rigged.

Indeed, to his credit, he has been very open with the press and the media has given him billions of free exposure.  His opponent, Hillary Clinton has avoided the media and we can understand why.  Her email scandal exists and will continue throughout the campaign and maybe into her administration, should she become victorious. 

But, is the media biased and in a conspiracy, along with the pollsters and other unnamed powers--all engaged in rigging the elections and the system, itself?  Of course, not.  Had the Republicans supported credible and main-stream candidates such as Jeb Bush or John Kasich or Marco Rubio, who would not utter embarrassments of the day that are as probable as the sun rising, the tide would be totally different.  Instead, our daily routines are gasping whether we can believe Trump said this or that, which primes the media pump, starts the polling machine downward and blocks out those stories outlining Hillary's horrors.  

Instead, we are all sucked up in that national political vicious cycle with Donald Trump standing at the fulcrum.  Again, every day, another insane statement followed by the screeches of alleged media bias, conspiracies, rigged polls and systems.   Every day his defenders fail to recognize the very engines forcing the suctions of disturbances.  Every day, the madness continues, resulting in a continuous wicked storm embodying a whirl of resentment, anger and yes, growing concerns of violence.  

Yet, never a day of admission of fault and responsibility from Trump or his loyalists.

So, as Trump and his legions deny and blame, and cite unfathomable conspiracies, I ask again, based upon their denials of fault, but blame for everyone else, do we really expect our kids to respect our institutions?

Do we want them to enter into adulthood endorsing the notion that the world is against them, the system is rigged, and is lying to and about them? Do we want them to feel so victimized that they become walking time-bombs of resentment, ready to explode?

Regardless, it is no small wonder that David Duke and his kind feel quite comfortable walking around the world of Donald Trump.  Not only is Trump promoting policies very similar to Duke, but they equally play the blame game on their road to victimhood.  In reality, Trump is making the GOP into his own image and that image is dominated by conspiracy theories and hate from Duke and his own followers.

For these reasons, folks, like never before, I fear for this nation.

Indeed, Hillary Clinton is an atrocious candidate. However, her primary opponent is combustive.  He claims not to be part of the very system he has sustained through his buying of politicians to do his own bidding.   He claims to be a neophyte of politics, yet wants us to trust him with the keys to the code and the doors to the halls of government.  He recklessly spits out daily conspiracy theories which are wildly and widely circulated on social media.  His followers care not and don’t repudiate his vacuous claims and they act as if apologies are only for the weak and the lame--not symbols of truths.

Trumpers want to tear down the system.  They say only the outsiders can fix it.  Their messages are nobody is right but them.  Only they are the beholders of the constitution.  Only they see the light.  The rest of us live in darkness. 

On one side, this country is being pulled by Trump, Duke, the haters and extremists from the right.  On the contrary side, are the opposite forces of extremism.  Both deplore compromises.  To them, working together to find common ground is an utter badge of weaknesses, not a wonderment to behold.  

This country cannot support such pull from opposite and irrational forces, bent upon destruction.  We cannot survive in a climate melded by unfounded insinuations, and narratives of conspiracies, hiding around every corner.

Trump is emotional and mindless.  His apologists’ promotions are clear.  So is the evidence that his candidacy is creating a body of evidence permeating anger and chaos.  Fear, anger and destruction is what we can expect should any radical group, like his, abhorring solutions of compromise, ever rule this country. 

Should that happen, God bless us all

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