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Louisiana Flood: Can Louisiana depend upon federal dollars? Discuss Today on Facebook Live

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flood uncertainties 3The Louisiana Flood crisis could be more serious than our trying to rebuild our homes, businesses and maintaining our collective sanities.

The United States debt is approaching 20 billion.  Louisiana treasury is bone dry.  Taxes is not an option.

America is a loving country but it is also mired in a major political debate over spending government money.  Our presidential and congressional elections are on our doorsteps.

Obtaining federal funding to help our friends in critical need by these disasters is now of issue. Louisiana received a major government bailout after Hurricane Katrina and Rita.  And then, there were Gustav, Ike and  Isaac. 


There’s another problem.  Some of our current local federal elected officials irritated lawmakers when they demanded dollar for dollar offsets for other regions in need after their horrible disasters.     

Also, there are some who during the last US Senate race, argued Louisiana does not need federal assistance.   Currently, one US Senate and all congressional seats are up for grabs this fall. 

The heroes from US Senate heroes from Hurricane Katrina, will not be available come January 2017.  Mary Landrieu has been replaced, David Vitter’s seat is becoming vacant. Compared to our efforts post-Katrina, our seniority in the US Senate and perhaps even in the House, is significantly impaired.  We are at the very bottom of the totem pole, if not dead last, in the critical seniority competition.

There are other major differences between disasters.  The country was motivated to save the International City New Orleans.  Our oil and gas, our port infrastructure were at risk.  Louisiana was in the same disaster soup with Texas, Mississippi and Florida.  On this disaster, we are alone.

Perhaps the very worst consideration-- some of the areas devastated are almost completely flood insurance-dry, since their homes were in regions that did not require flood insurance. FEMA money is available, but don’t count on it for much assistance for those uninsured.

What is now a total nightmare for at least one third of the Louisiana parishes is turning into a financial meltdown for the wonderful people who are looking for basic resources for their respective families.  Is there anything that we can do now to mobilize forces to ensure that those effected are not forgotten? Are we getting the necessary help from President Obama?  Will the great floods of 2016 become a major political issue?  What are some of our options?

These issues were discussed today with Jim Brown, former Insurance Commissioner and state government official, on a Facebook live event today.  See video above.

Last night, Jeff Crouere and I engaged in a Facebook Live event discussing the Presidential election.  Here is a short snippet interesting snippet concerning the future of the Trump campaign.

Crouere: Trump's woes, diverting GOP campaign funds, media bias and blame


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