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New truthful, regretful, unifier Donald Trump 4.0 has me in a campaign fog

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trump smokeForgive me if I have problems seeing the true, the REAL Donald Trump. 

I thought I had a vivid impression of him.  His face, his demeanor his philosophy, his political strategy seemed so clear.

Until this week.  Now, he is a fog of an image.

Yesterday, Donald Trump suddenly read via teleprompter that he has regrets for words he has used during the campaign.  Yet, he has not told us which words he regrets.   

Does he have regrets telling his critics that they are lying about his promoting racists tweets, and one in particular, a Jewish star with a cache of cash in back of Hillary Clinton?

Does he have regrets that even before the frenzy of the political campaign even taking place, back when he first referred to Mexicans coming across the border, that he assumed there were some good people?

You remember the line, “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people”. 

Did he specifically apologize to them?  Is he now willing to say that the illegal Mexicans who are crossing the border are breaking the law but  many of them are doing it trying to find work or a better life for their families?    

Words do hurt and ugly words invade the heart. 

Statements that demean minorities such as Muslims and Hispanics that are meant to grab attention, rile the emotions and rack up political points, just might hurt more than most any other words. 

Now, after repeatedly putting some people in the worst of light, it is hard to believe that the person who has been considered the "Great White Hope" really wants to be the "Great Hispanic" or the "Great Muslim" hope.

This past Wednesday evening, conservative radio talk show host, Jeff Crouere and I, actually discussed how Trump might be able to win and attract more minority voters.   There is some hope.  

Crouere, a Trump delegate, like others, praised Trump for specifically reaching out to blacks in his speech Tuesday night.   

Crouere said that minorities like Hispanics should be persuaded by Trump's message--tax cuts, Obamacare, a bad economy. 

I agree, that could be a message. 

But simply throwing out the words tax cut, Obamacare, economy and promises of good jobs are not going to persuade many of them at this point in time.  Perhaps a real tangible plan might show minorities how he and Republicans would make a difference for them.  These people feel they have been left out of the American Dream.  I personally look forward to that discussion and believe all of us should keep an open mind.  Let the debates begin.

However, the problem, for Trump, is simple.  He has become the wrong messenger.  He has deeply hurt their hearts. 

There is another Donald Trump that many blacks, Hispanics and other minorities have embedded in their raw emotions.  Thus, his new Trump 4.0 of admitting some ambiguous regrets for the possible harm he might have caused them, just doesn’t ring true. 

For one, it would be helpful if he were to tell us that he apologizes for those statements.  In doing so, he would need to be specific about those that he claims he now regrets.  His words of feeling regretful are simply inadequate.  Is he now regretful for those words because his poll numbers are going south?  Unfortunately, for him, not only did he make statements he now says he regrets, but when he made so many of those statements, he doubled-down, called his critics “liars” when they felt hurt and complained.

As part of this new The Donald, he read by teleprompter, he often blasted others for using, that he would always tell America the truth. 

Sorry, in the realm of truth-telling, Carter is no Jimmy Carter.  In the world of lying, he's not even a Pinocchio. 

Trump has a boundless list of lies and perceived lies.  No self-fulfilling statements about his veracity could ever be believed, now.  

America should not trust him, nor, by the way, his opponent Hillary Clinton, when it comes to talking truths.  So, forgive many of us for not believing Trump when he wants us to think he is the kinder, gentler, more regretful and truthful, "Donald Trump, the Unifier". 

Politifact: Trump lies

Politifact: Hillary lies

All of Donald Trump’s four Pinocchio’s in one place 

Hillary and the Candidates Pinocchio’s

After all, many people, like my good friend Jeff Crouere have been impressed with Trump when the new candidate uttered those assume.. “good people” words.  As Croure and so many others have said, this was a different candidate.  One who was not going to be  "political correct".   

But, many of us with doubt, are wondering if Trump is now trying to be semi-politically correct for saying he has regrets—yet, without even identifying which of those utterances of which he speak.  

If Trump is going to promise a new beginning or a better world for those he has serious hurt (such as Hispanics and Muslims), then, he needs to prove that his plans will override their concerns.  It was he who tromped across America trying to grab the white racists and the Alt White voters that seem to have bonded by blood with him.

And he needs to act, not just utter.  Just look at what he has done this very week as he has tried to put on his new face.

He hired the chairman of one the most conspiracy-theory oriented, bigoted publications on the Internet, Breitbart, to be the mind and face of his campaign.  Maybe he should have chosen Alex Jones or some other similar wacko instead.

We're not just talking hate mongering and conspiracy theories.

We're talking raw racism.

Here are recent tweets from their front page editor.  While guilt by association is not fair, this person is not just an occassional contributor.  

mchugh 3 2 
















If Trump wants to distance himself from his own hateful statements that he now "regrets", he sure has found a strange way of doing so. 

If Trump wants us to believe he has the best in mind for Hispanics and Muslims and other minorities, he sure better start telling us if he was lying then or lying now. 

So far, he has built his political career on helping America hate again. 

Which tomorrow, could be an even newer or perhaps, more foggier Donald Trump, version 5.0. 

Anyway, I'm waiting.

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