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Looks like Trump's freefall has bottomed out, Clinton poll softens

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trump scriptHas Donald Trump finally begun his pivot resulting in better poll numbers against Hillary Clinton?

In a Facebook Live video interview on Monday, Louisiana pollster John Couvillon of JMC Analytics of Louisiana, believes that the controversial real estate magnate 's fall might have bottomed out.

According to Couvillon, the spike in polls Hillary Clinton has enjoyed has reduced, with her numbers softening to a roughly five-point lead over Trump.

Couvillon said here's been a tight range of percentages for each candidate, during the summer, Clinton has been in low 40’ to 44 Trump has been in the 37 to 39% range and the only times the numbers have change have been in the aftermath of each parties convention.

The pollster also believes the third-party candidates have been up to about 12% but traditionally Americans love affair with the third-party candidates are higher, earlier.

To note, despite the lead reduction over the past week or two, Couvillon said, she maintains a pretty decent lead in the electoral college. She has done a lot of advertising in the swing states and Trump hasn't.  He warns that if Trump does get into the game, the saturation that the ads in the swing states will give her an impenetrable lead although nothing in politics is concrete.

Couvillon also noted that the election begins with absentee battles starting in this September 9 and then early voting a couple weeks later.  The applications for early voting is high which might mean that in certain states, an early lead could be a difference-maker.



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