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Trump, Bannon after alt-right vote, but not those who think like David Duke?

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bannonSo, Donald Trump is upset that he has been linked time and time again to David Duke.

His VP pick, Mike Pence said Sunday on CNN, “And Donald Trump made it clear repeatedly in this week that not only does he denounce David Duke, but we don’t want the support of people who think like David Duke.”

Let me repeat Pence’s comment—“we don’t want the support of people who think like David Duke”.

Oh, yea?


This weekend, David Duke used robo-calls to promote his own campaign and beliefs. Arguably, except for one reference to the Black Panthers, the robo call could have come right out of Donald Trump's campaign speeches.  During the call, Duke asked the listeners to vote for him and Trump. In relevant parts, if you simply read the text, would you know if it were Trump or Duke, doing the thinking, or speaking?


  “I’ll tell the truth that no other candidate will dare say. Unless massive immigration is stopped now, we’ll be out numbered and outvoted in our own nation. It’s happening. We’re losing our gun rights, our free speech. We’re taxed to death. We’re losing our jobs and businesses to unfair trade. We’re losing our country. Look at the Super Bowl salute to the Black Panther cop killers. It’s time to stand up and vote for Donald Trump for president...” 

Now Trump wants blacks in America to follow him out of the horrors of crime, poverty, and joblessness he claims was created by the Great Society--a reaction to Jim Crow and slavery.
In doing so, he fails to provide a single idea how lives of minorities in his stead, would be better than they are today. It is easy for Trump to point to crime and blame others. But, what are his solutions? At most, he points to the destruction of the black families and says “what do you have to lose”?

Well, how about civil rights, for starts.

While Donald Trump claims he is no David Duke and is indignant with any such association, and while his veep wants nobody who thinks like Duke to support their campaign, they sure have a strange way of showing their distance to the right-wing wackos.

After all, they hired a “Duke-lite” as campaign chair.

Less than two weeks ago, Trump chose Steve Bannon of Breitbart to chair his campaign.
Breitbart, the right-wing conspiracy-theory publication, has been Trump’s voice-piece during this campaign. Bannon, who has been its CEO, said that he wants Breitbart to be the platform for the alt-right.  Added to his already-suspicious past. it has recently been reported that  Bannon has an alleged  history making anti-gay and anti-Semitic comments.

In short, in an almost, "believe it or not" moment, Trump wants to disclaim Duke and people "who think like Duke", yet he has hired the man who wants be the platform for the people who think like David Duke, the alt-right.

What exactly is the alt-right, anyway and why should we care?

It is somewhat of an amorphous group using technology to support the proposition of a white Christian group opposed to Hispanic immigration, Muslim immigration, and free trade. It is profoundly in favor of white rights.

One of the leading spokespersons and thinkers is Jared Taylor, who in a recent interview explained the movement.

TAYLOR A white supremacist is presumably someone who wants to rule over people of other races. People on the alt-right, we just want to be left alone. We want to be left alone so that we can be white people among people like ourselves and pursue our own destiny. This is something we have...
REHM And apparently what that would mean is that other than whites would be in the minority. How do you plan to achieve that?
 TAYLOR It is very important to realize that a nation in which there is no freedom of association has lost a very profound and important value. We should built a society on the assumption that when white wish to establish their own communities, their own institutions, as well as blacks or Hispanics or anyone else who wants to establish their own institutions and communities, that is healthy and normal. We have this idea...”  ...

ORNSTEIN I just want to get a sense of how this would work operationally. Would you have states that were fairly much set aside for one race or the other, cities? Would you -- what laws would you change to make sure that people could have the kind of freedom of association you're talking about?

TAYLORThose are obviously difficult questions, and I don't have a perfect blueprint. But all you would have to do for the most part is get rid of laws that prohibit private discrimination. Obviously the government cannot discriminate. The electric industry, the electric utility, cannot discriminate. You have to sell electricity to anybody who wants to buy it. But if I am a private club, a private business, I should have the right to discriminate for good reasons, bad reasons or no reasons at all. It's part of the essential freedom of making choices as a human being.

So, let us put all of this into perspective. Jared Taylor who has been called the “intellectual leader” of the alt-right, is editor of American Renaissance. He describes the movement as a "race-realist, white advocacy organization".

Bannon heads the Trump campaign, as its Chair. He has been Breitbart's top dog until taking leave of absence to sit next to Trump. In essence, Bannon wants his publication to be the platform of white advocates, who I argue, "think like David Duke”.

David Duke now claims he is not a white supremacist but a white advocate who wants freedom of association. Alt-righters claim they are not white supremacists but are white advocates who want freedom of association.

So, while Trump tries to disassociate himself from David Duke, and while he claims to want to change the political landscape for blacks, let me ask—huh?

Why would any of us trust Trump’s sincerity? After all of his bizarre bigoted comments this election year, why would any of us trust a guy who has hired the alt-right platform wannabe, to head his Presidential campaign?

When Trump tells blacks he’s for them, perhaps they should ask, and why is David Duke, Breitbart, Bannon and the alt right for you? The answer is simple and obvious—except for various nuances, they all seem to think alike.

And despite Trump’s protestations, to the contrary, he has worked for and has earned their votes.

Maybe the better question to ask Trump, Bannon, Duke and the Alt-right, what would an alt-right dominated administration look like?

In the same interview with Taylor, Norm Ornstein said:

  ‘And, I think it's important to go back to what Jared Taylor said towards the end of my question. Which really was, we want private businesses of any sort to have the right to exclude whoever they want for whatever reason. And that really would mean hotels and motels could say blacks not allowed. It meant lunch counters and others. And that is a return, even if it's not governmentally imposed in a harsher way, of segregation as it was in the 1940s and 1950s.”  

Whether Trump or his flock accepts it or not, the hidden face of Trump’s campaign is Steve Bannon, the alt-right darling, who unfortunately apparently thinks (and perhaps talks) a lot like David Duke and followers and wants that association, except, I guess, when it hurts.

Of the millions of people Trump could have chosen for that spot, he chose Bannon.

Indeed, Trump wants to bring America back.

Yea, to when?


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