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Louisiana US Senator Bill Cassidy says Trump, the messenger, might not be right for GOP

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cassidyThose “liberals” and "Clinton supporters" are not the only ones who believe that Donald Trump may not be the best messenger for Republicans as the party goes into elections in a little over two months. 

United States Senator Bill Cassidy on Thursday has been quoted on BuzzFeed stating on C-SPAN’sNewsmakers that:

The message that we have is pretty good… it may turn out that Mr. Trump is not the messenger. Maybe he is. But it really seems to boil down to Mr. Trump’s personality being not what people like, as opposed to some of the issues,” Cassidy said.”
Asked during an interview on C-SPAN’sNewsmakers program about whether Trump, Louisiana senate candidate David Duke, and a growing number of pro-Trump white supremacists have hurt the GOP’s brand, Cassidy said Republicans’ electoral woes this fall aren’t so much a question of policy, but rather Trump himself.

Trump supporters have been very vocal in claiming that “liberals” and "pro-Clinton forces" are stirring up the hysteria concerning Trump’s statements and personality.

Also on Thursday, Cassidy “warned Republicans should be prepared to try and find ways to work with Hillary Clinton if she wins the presidency.”

The statements by Cassidy, who is Senator of one of the reddest states in the country underscores the polarity of the debate over Trump.  On Wednesday, Trump met with the Mexican president and gave a "red-meat" speech about immigration which has received great raves and reviews by many of his supporters, including David Duke.

Yet, today, some members of his Hispanic advisory staff are upset with the speech and there are reports of some departures.

After Romney lost in 2012 to President Barack Obama, the Republican Party has attempted to reach out to minorities, especially Hispanics and African-Americans, since demographics strongly indicated that it would be needed for victory.

However, based upon poll results, Trump is doing worse than Romney in attracting minorities and some people wonder if the Mexican trip and his speech in Phoenix hurts him with those sectors.

Trump has been cutting into Clinton's lead in the past two weeks and has halfed her post-convention lead.

However, a poll released today from USAToday/Suffolk shows that a majority of millennials consider Trump to be a racist.

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