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Trump's cheap labor--Manafort, more; FBI's Clinton Labor Day bombshell; KKK Dems?

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clintonLabor Day weekend bombshell?  That might be the story of the long weekend as the FBI has released the Clinton report.

That is just one of the important Clinton-Trump articles hitting twitter today. 

Others Donald Trump might be getting some high price staff on the cheap meaning-- free. For example, Paul Manafort and others.   Then, there’s former President of Mexico Vicente Fox saying that Don Trump would have to be born again to get the Hispanic vote.



Gingrich is taking to Facebook Live to talk about the Clintons (remember Bill) and Media Matters, the liberal organization is criticizing the former speaker reminding the public about some of the absurd statements and positions that Gingrich has taken over the years.

Trump no longer wants America to be the country of immigrants?  Or does he just want no more illegal immigration?  The LATimes discusses this.

Hillary Clinton has announced a plan to address the unjustified price hikes on life-saving drugs.  Ben Carson want to know why we are we taking in Syrian refugees and putting some in Detroit where he says we have enough poor people who look like refugees.

And, of course, you can always find on Twitter memes that try to equate the Democratic Party with segregation, slavery and the KKK.  Is this fair?



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