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Clinton's pneumonia, "buckets of deplorables" and Trump's taxes: And transparency anyone?

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trump hideThe US presidential election, for now, is coming down to health records, buckets of deplorables, tax records, seizures (not of the property-seizing type), not for profit foundations and cover-ups.

In short, that is what we are seeing as the campaign moves into the two months and counting mode.

Yesterday’s Clinton faint was a horrible incident, whether you support her, or hate her.  It made her health more of an issue than just a conspiracy.  Her campaign covering up pneumonia worsened her political condition.  Her political flub of “buckets of deplorables” was very hurtful to her campaign, but the issue is a real one.

While the Trump campaign and much of the media has tried to make her statement an issue focused upon Clinton’s gaffe, they missed the major point she was making. 

First, she did not say 50 percent of Americans as many of my pro-Trump friends wasn’t to say.  I even saw on my Facebook page that she said 80 percent of Americans are deplorable.  What she said was something much more narrow—half of Trump’s supporters and she prefaced it with the words “gross generalizing”.  Had she said just the word, generalizing, that probably would have reduced the number down from 50 to perhaps 25 or 30 percent.  But, she said “gross generalizing”, which in my mind, at least, drops the number significantly.

Regardless, calling Americans, whether it be 90 percent or ten percent deplorable, is, frankly deplorable.  But, her overall message was not.

What is deplorable are not the people but the message, the messenger and the acts and political opinions of some of his supporters.

There is a large loyal group of Trump supporters who are made up from the far reaches of the right wing, the neo-Nazi's, the duskies, the Alt-right populations.  They have come out for a candidate like never before in recent American history.   He has done little to assuage our concerns, instead, he has worsened the fears.  He hired the head of Breitbart, who wanted to be the top Alt righter or the movement’s platform. Not just hired him, but made him party chair.

That is very sad.

When Trump brought up the issue of Mexicans “assume good people” quote, many in this population  raved about him and embraced him.  When he brought up the banning all Muslims, their raves and their embracing him increased that much more.   It became no little event that David Duke warned his own supporters that whites would be committing an act of treason if they didn’t support Trump.

A just-released Washington Post poll shows that a significant number of Americans believe Trump is biased against minorities. 

These numbers don’t just come out of the ether.

Clinton’s comments were unfortunate but, to ignore what she was trying to say is a mistake.

Not only is it a political error, it is a moral one.

The Republican Party has needed to expand its base to increase minorities.  Obviously, it is not doing this at all if the current presidential numbers hold up.  If Trump wins, it will be because he has generated support from the far right wing whites.  This is a recipe for political disaster.

Today, the focus is on Clinton and her physical fitness for office.

That is legitimate.  So are the Clinton foundation, her emails and all of the other questions about her that have generally been raised in the media.

At the same time, there are reports that Trump’s finances are totally self-serving and that he might have committed public bribery at the worse and ethical violations at the best.

That is also a legitimate inquiry and issue in this campaign.  Consequently, it is imperative for him and her to release all documents about their health and finances including those emails, speeches, and his taxes.

If we demand anything less, we are damaging our own credibility of a society demanding transparency.

Government transparency does not begin and end at the feet of the candidates.  We can’t just pick and choose and say she is worse than him, or vice versa.

When there are legitimate reasons for us to see health and business records, all of us should demand it.  Not doing so is our enabling them to hide more from us in the future.

That would be deplorable.


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