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Hillary Clinton's "deplorable" health, collapse, is now a campaign issue

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hillary healthAccording to the Clinton campaign, Hillary Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, yet continued to conduct meetings and attend public events for two days. This information was not disclosed to the public until Sunday, after she became “overheated” at a 9/11 event and was forced to leave early. Interestingly, the temperature on Sunday was in the high 70’s, certainly not very hot for a New York summer day. 

After leaving the memorial, she collapsed while being helped into a van. The episode was captured on video and shocked the nation. After several hours of avoiding the media, Hillary Clinton emerged from her daughter’s apartment claiming that she felt “great.” Once Clinton’s embarrassing fall was exposed to the public, her campaign was forced to admit that she was diagnosed with pneumonia. 

All of this looks quite suspect as someone does not usually hold several days of meetings and events after getting such a serious diagnosis as pneumonia, which can be a deadly disease, especially for a 68-year-old woman with a history of health problems. Hillary also was around plenty of people after supposedly being diagnosed and was shockingly embracing a little girl outside of her daughter’s apartment, potentially exposing this child to her serious illness. 

In recent weeks, there have been pictures of mystery aides with Clinton who may be medical professionals. On Sunday, Clinton was pictured with a woman who may be her doctor taking her pulse at the 9/11 remembrance. Obviously, a healthy person does not need to have doctors and nurses with them at all times. 

With the horrible political fallout of this illness, Clinton had to cancel events and start damage control, such as appearing on CNN last night. She tried to downplay the incident, but had to admit that she had fainted several times in the past, such as in January of 2005 when she collapsed due to a gastrointestinal virus.   

In the past few years, Clinton has also suffered from blood clots in 1998, 2009 and 2012. In the last incident, the blood clot was in her brain, which was diagnosed after she fainted, hit her head and suffered a concussion. In the aftermath, she was hospitalized and needed a lengthy recovery period. 

Not only is she susceptible to blood clots and fainting, Hillary Clinton is also prone to falling. In 2009, she fell and fractured her elbow. In January of 2011, she took a nasty spill while entering her plane in Yemen. 

None of these incidents solely disqualify Clinton from being considered for the presidency, but coupled with the collapse Sunday; they add up to legitimate health concerns that require detailed answers for the American people.

 Along with these numerous incidents, it is pretty clear that Hillary is overweight and not exactly the picture of health. Compared to Donald Trump, she does very few public events and spends more time resting and out of the spotlight. 

Despite her more relaxed schedule and her history of medical problems, her campaign expects the public to believe the story that she is recovering from “pneumonia.” While others speculate about neurological disorders, it is really hard to determine her exact situation without more comprehensive medical records. 

This week, Trump will release the full results of his latest physical examination after appearing on the “Dr. Oz” program. Clinton should be just as forthcoming with her medical situation. 

Americans are not comfortable electing someone to the most powerful and stressful position in the world, who is not in good health. On the surface, Trump seems to be very healthy, while Clinton seems to be very unhealthy. Hopefully, Americans will know more about each candidate very soon. 

The health issue is very important for the next President will be tested in innumerable ways and our country needs a leader who is healthy and alert making decisions that impact the lives of 330 million Americans. 

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