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Is Trump or Clinton winning birther battle after today's press conference

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trump compressedSo President Obama, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton birther debate is over, right?

Not exactly.

Today as represented by this twitter video, is one of those days that opens up to a Friday weekend of news reports and talking heads.  What might be the story line?

Trump got cornered when others in his campaign started to say that they believe that Obama was born in the United States.  Yesterday, Trump was asked by the Washington Post about the issue and Trump said he wanted to talk about it later.

The video of tweets discuss a press conference Trump held today and includes a little twist that Trump placed on the staging, that might be what the nation discusses this weekend.   In Trump fashion, the candidate fights back, point fingers at Hillary Clinton and some say, played the media like fools.

Trump established conservative – right-wing credentials a few years ago when he promoted the proposition that Obama was not born in the United States but in Kenya.  Much of the nation thought the issues should be put to rest after it became national news but Trump continued to claim continued uncertainty whether Obama was American-born. During the beginning of the campaign Trump told media that he was not interested in pursuing the discussion.

Watch the video of tweets to see how Trump has handled the situation with his news conference.  Who got the better of the birther debate—Trump or Clinton?  And what will the media focus upon as its weekend theme story?

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