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Establishment George H.W. Bush supports Clinton over GOP, Donald Trump

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clinton katrinaToday, it was revealed that former President, George H. W. Bush, will vote for Hillary Clinton in the upcoming election. Ironically, it was announced by Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, the daughter of the late Robert F. Kennedy, after she met with Bush at his resort home in Maine. 

The decision is no surprise as the GOP presidential nominee, Donald Trump, has been at odds with the Bush family since he entered the race. Trump condemned the decision to invade Iraq, along with other policies pursued by George W. Bush as President. He famously referred to Jeb Bush as “low energy” and frequently ridiculed him during the presidential debates. This destroyed Bush’s chances of winning the Republican Party’s presidential nomination. 

At the start of the race, Jeb Bush was the favorite as the standard bearer for the GOP establishment in this presidential election. Fortunately, Trump upset those plans by easily winning the nomination. In the process, Trump won more votes than any other GOP presidential nominee in history. 

The Republican elitists like Bush clearly hate Trump. This group includes most of the major donors in the GOP, who have certainly not donated significantly to Trump’s campaign. Nevertheless, he has found success with online fundraising, reaching average Republicans yearning for change. 

After just three months of online fundraising, Trump has already collected more than $100 million from contributions under $200. This total is much more than the $64 million collected from small contributors by John McCain in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012 during the entirety of their campaigns. With 50 days until the election, his fundraising totals will certainly increase significantly, breaking all Republican Party donor records.  

Trump has also attracted record breaking crowds to his rallies across the country. No other Republican Party candidate since Ronald Reagan has been able to draw such a multitude of supporters. Certainly, George H. W. Bush was never that popular with the grassroots Republican voters. He owed his election to Ronald Reagan who gave him a great economy and the loyalty of millions of Americans. 

After Bush violated his pledge of “read my lips, no new taxes,” he lost to an unknown Governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton. Since that time, the two families have become politically and socially close. In fact, Bush and Clinton joined forces to create a foundation and raise money in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. 

It is not surprising that Bush would endorse Clinton for they both represent a political establishment that had controlled both parties for decades. At least Trump has broken the establishment’s death grip on the Republican Party, but, as can be seen with Bush’s endorsement, they are not relinquishing power without a massive fight. 

Bush and other establishment Republicans like his former National Security Adviser Brent Scowcroft, who also endorsed Clinton, would much prefer the certainly and continuation of the establishment remaining in power. Trump represents change and that threatens members of the GOP establishment, just like it threatens the Democrat Party. 

Unlike Bush and his ilk, Trump is the candidate of the average voter, the grassroots Republican. He represents working class Americans who have either seen their jobs shipped overseas and or been forced to survive on stagnant wages. Trump’s campaign is based on a mission to put “America First.” He is a nationalist who has vociferously called for a wall on the border with Mexico and has rejected the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal. 

In contrast, George H. W. Bush and Hillary Clinton are globalists. They represent a political establishment that favors a continuation of foreign military operations, nation building, open borders and international trade deals.   

With his decision, Bush has chosen sides. He picked the establishment agenda over his party and his country. It is a useful reminder of the stakes in this election, which is our last chance to change direction and save America. 

If Clinton wins, with the help of Bush and other GOP insiders, it will be the final nail in the coffin of the middle class and traditional America. She will continue rampant political correctness, massive illegal immigration, and liberal policies that will foster cultural disintegration and the breakdown of the nuclear family unit. Hillary Clinton will undoubtedly maintain the fiscal strategies of President Obama and that will finally destroy our weak economy.


In other words, for the average citizen, life in America, to use Hillary’s favorite adjective, will become deplorable.    


Jeff Crouere

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