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Five-Thirty-Eight: GOP win Louisiana US Senate race; Clinton beats Trump, Dems take US Senate

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538According to Nate Silver’s Fivethirtyeight, Democrats ought to just give up their quest for the US Senate seat.  According to the well-respect forecasting company, there is an 89.8 percent Louisiana will pick a Republican for US Senate.

The organization presents an interactive slide that shows Republican John Kennedy with 29.8 percent of the vote, Democrat Foster Campbell with 20.4 percent and Caroline Fayard collecting 15%.

The site also gives Clinton a 58.2 percent of winning the election, Trump, a 41.8 percent chance.  The site updates every frequently each day.

By the way, Trump has a 98.2 percent chance to take Louisiana.

Trump’s best chance of winning which state?  Oklahoma. The site projects a whopping 99.3 % of prevailing.  It also gives Trump Indiana with 94.9%.

Most interestingly, Trump has a 59% chance to win Ohio, a state that is the best predictor in recent elections since mid-1900’s.

On the Democratic side, Clinton’s best states are California 99.1%, Hawaii 98.6 and Trump’s own home state, New York 98.1 percents.

The site gives Clinton 285.4 electoral college votes, Trump 252.2 and Gary Johnson 7.8 percent.

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