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Pinsonat: Race between Democrats Campbell, Fayard in US Senate, 1st in a while

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fayard foster campbell 2The future of the US Senate race, in many respects, depends on upon the success of the two major democrats running, Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell and attorney Caroline Fayard.

In a Wednesday interview with Bernie Pinsonat, the pollster from Southern Media & Opinion Research, Caroline Fayard is polling better than Campbell and is a candidate to be reckoned with. 

In that September poll, Fayard is leading Campbell 11.4% to 9.2% while both are trailing Treasurer John Kennedy and Congressman Boustany who are in virtual ties at 17 and 15 percent respectively.

On Thursday, we discussed the contest between John Kennedy and Boustany.  Today, we focus upon the Democrats.

In the Facebook Live interview, Pinsonat made these major points regarding the Democrats competing in the race:

  1.  The poll he ran in May of 2016 revealed that she is a good candidate, who would be well-financed, she’s in New Orleans, a female did well in her first race for Lt. Governor against then-Secretary of State, Jay Dardenne.
  2. The dynamics have changed.  Mitch Landrieu and Mary Landrieu has supported her which are heavyweight endorsements and which will help on election day and give her an advantage.  She doesn’t have major support in North Louisiana.  Campbell is from the Northern part of the state.
  3. Campbell should've figured out he would not make the second without having to deal with her.  Pinsonat doesn’t know “what he's gonna do about her because she is a force”.  He said maybe Campbell can overcome it with a good showing in Baton Rouge, the other big cities, such as Monroe and Shreveport.  Democrats have a good presence in Northern Louisiana and in Baton Rouge with 47%.
  4. This poll will make it difficult for him to go around the state and say that he is a shoe-in.  The race between the two can be very competitive.  This is not like the governor's race when we only had one Democratic candidate who was able to get the Democratic apparatus and blacks behind one candidate.  It's interesting because we haven't had a situation where Democrats were competing against one another where they are both well-financed in a while.


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