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Clinton blasted for estate tax 65%, Mark Cuban, Trump vs. women ad, more

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clinton trump tweetSo, what’s the news on twitter as we approach the Clinton Trump debate weekend?

Here are some of the “hot” items as this article goes to press:

Trump has just posted a tweet saying that Clinton has lost all Republicans she ever had including Never Trumpers by saying she supports taxing estates by 65%

The pro-Clinton forces are focusing upon a new ad that quotes Trump once again using his own voice and words as he speaks of women.

The Cincinnati Inquirer, in a very important battleground, has just made its endorsement, saying, it cannot support Trump for he “is a clear and present danger to the country” and do “we really want someone in charge our military nuclear codes has an impulse control problem?”

Mark Cuban has tweeted that he will be sitting in the front row at the debate.

Wall Street Journal wants to know what topics do we  want to be covered during the debates?

Drudge Report, which is very pro-Trump, notes that Clinton is demanding a stepstool at debate podium to add height.  Trump will tower over Clinton.

Breitbart news, a very pro-Trump publication has released a new poll.  Hillary Clinton is up nationally by four points.

Interestingly, Clinton is killing Trump in Texas largest county which includes Houston

Above are those tweets including new ones that have been posted:


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