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Cross-pollination of Louisiana Entertainment tax credit programs for multifaceted companies

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creedIs there a benefit for Louisiana to have multiple tax credit programs under the umbrella of Louisiana Entertainment?

In the interview with Stephen Sabludowsky, publisher of, Chris Stelly discussed how to the tax credits for Movies, music, live performance and live productions do cross pollinate and the benefits not only for the state, but for all involved.

Chris Stelly, the Executive Director of Louisiana Entertainment for LED Louisiana Economic Development, in discussing the cross-pollination of the various Louisiana Entertainment tax credit programs, said his office has recognized “going back, I guess, the past ten years, is that the entertainment industry and just everything, is converging with the use of technology”.

Interesting.  Technology, which is the youngster on the block links the rest of the entertainment world?


Stelly said, One example, he is the videogame Assassins Creed, which is “very wildly popular videogame, deeply rooted videogame world” which a feature film is being released soon.  This is a situation where the videogame becomes a movie, the movie will record sound but there might be soundtrack or score developed for offstage life, artist will cut songs for video games, movies turn into videogame so there's a lot cross-pollination that happened in the industry.

He said his office, as arranged is equipped to deal with companies that possess multi-faceted divisions.  For example, they might be dealing with an artist talking about a Disney feature side, talking to Disney television, Disney interactive, Disney theaters.   Their products reach multiple channels and they like to get out to the widest audience possible.

Another example Stelly cited is Circus du Soleil which he said is clearly is based on life performance, but it uses technology of a highly technical nature to do a lot of things.

The state’s programs are designed to track companies that can bring together these multifaceted opportunities.


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