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Live performances get new life after Katrina devastation with Louisiana Entertainment tax credits

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theaterRising from the waters and the rubble of Hurricane Katrina is the Live Performance industry due to the Louisiana entertainment tax credits tailored to that industry. 

In the interview with Stephen Sabludowsky, publisher of, Chris Stelly discussed how the tax credits for live performance tax credits are helping to enhance the state’s culture and bolster Louisiana’s economy.

Stelly said the Live Performance tax credits were the last a package of tax credits that passed the legislature and arose out of the Katrina tragedy.  

He said that in 2007, theaters such as the Saengar, the theater district in downtown New Orleans was really ravaged and decimated by the storm and so the idea came around and the legislature adopted the live performance program which has really helped revitalize not only theaters in the New Orleans, but elsewhere throughout the state.

Stelly said, “The orpheum was the most recent one that opened and allow for opportunities sprinkled throughout the state where you got the others here in Baton Rouge in Shreveport” and in other locations. He said the tax credits were also utilized in helping to rejuvenate the Civic Theater.

He said the program have been helpful in attracting consistent steady flow of a bands performing at these venues “or live performances in the more traditional theatrical sense”.

It has enabled Cirus du Soleil to launched several shows in Louisiana and it even has a base in the Bossier Louisiana area where they teach, rehearse and stay,  of the state of Louisiana in fact they found a kind of this home away from home from Montreal to Shreveport Louisiana

The tax credits have helped attract “major entertainment companies major touring operations like AEG and Live Nation to setup physical facilities and physical offices in the state to run their North American festival operations so is just amazing amount of work that that we put into these programs and you know the state is really uniquely positioned and it's one of the only states, if not the only that has such a a suite of incentives that are designed to attract”

Also, these tax credits have allowed artists to come in to do live recordings using those tax incentives.


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