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Pinsonat: The three conservatives in single digits, Maness, Duke, Fleming

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maness siteLast week, SMOR pollster released a poll that showed Republicans Congressman Charles Boustany and Louisiana treasurer John Kennedy leading with 17 and 15 points, respectively.

Following them in the polls were two Democrats attorney Caroline Fayard and Public Service Commissioner, Foster Campbell.

Then, there are the strong conservative candidates--all in single digits. Congressman John Fleming tops that field with 8.3% followed by Tea Party candidate Colonel Rob Maness with 3.3 % followed by David Duke with 3.1%.

Following the release of the poll, I interviewed Pinsonat about the polls.  We published the first parts of the interview last week.  Today, we publish the segment focused on those aforementioned conservative candidates crowded together, in single digits.  Altogether, the most conservative candidates amass 14.7% of the vote.

Rob Maness John Fleming and David Duke are going after the same base. Kennedy’s base surrounds the  Baton Rouge region.  However, the three conservative candidates are vying for a limited amount of votes.  For example, in Acadiana, the Tea Party represents about 14, 15%.  Pinsonat said the Tea Party is not going to go for Rob Maness as they did during the last US Senate race when he first emerged on the political scene because the republicans did not have any alternative conservative and Maness filled that spot.  Now, Pinsonat feels, he doesn't have a niche to himself

Pinsonat said David Duke is not really getting any coverage except for perhaps the national media.  He said he can tell you with accuracy that the only person who cannot make the runoff, is David Duke. He said Lousiana is not the Louisiana of the past such as in his race against Edwin Edwards.  He was included in the poll because he is an ex-elected official, but Pinsonat said it is a waste of his time talking about Duke

Pinsonat also said the last he checked, Duke had not filed an FTC report so therefore cannot raise any money or spend money. The pollster said the race is about his ego.  The SMOR pollster said the most he can give Duke is 3%.

Pinsonat also said he included other candidates in the poll, but the media did not cover these candidates after the poll was released.

I believe that 3% is all that he legitimately has

There are other candidates who were including poll but the media didn't cover them.

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