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Of course, Donald Trump won the Presidential Debate, just ask the Fact-Checkers

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trump clinton debateWho won last night’s debate?

In form, content, demeanor and just about every other way to look at the words, “win” and “lose”, the winner was decisive, Hillary Clinton.

Now, a disclaimer.

I am not a Hillary Clinton supporter.  I am definitely not for Donald Trump.

When I was a guest on conservative talk radio today, here were some of the charges made:

  1. Clinton lied, Trump did not;
  2. Clinton looked sick;
  3. The stations made Clinton look more powerful than Donald Trump;
  4. Hillary Clinton is a liar and corrupt;
  5. Trump easily won the debate;
  6. The vast majority of online polls (like Drudge) has Trump winning;
  7. Lester Holt was not fair, was in the Clinton camp;
  8. Hillary lied about PPP trade deal;
  9. Fox News is fair and balanced, CNN and MSNBC are not;

Not mentioned, on the radio show, but which has been promoted by Donald Trump, is his claim that his microphone was defective.  Ok.  Let’s put that claim in the same category as his earpiece the time he said after his NBC Meet the Press interview that he didn’t understand what was being said about David Duke.  Not surprisingly, now that he is finished with his most current conspiracy theory, Birther, he has launched right into his new one.  Somehow, everybody is out to get him and somehow, they were successful in getting him to not do as well as he wanted or that he needed to do. 

For me, the bottom line:  Donald Trump is the worst candidate running for President in my lifetime. Yes, he is charismatic and can be charming.  But, he lacks the temperament needed to handle the job.  As Clinton said, when the President talks, the world listens.   Let me add to this.  When Trump talks, the world shudders.  That is not a good thing, either.  He claims his temperament is his best virtue.  What planet is he on?  A sizeable population of Americans have serious questions about his temperament yet,  he claims that is the best part of his being or personality?

Perhaps the wildest claim made by Trump and Company, Fox News and so many others on the web is Hillary Clinton was over-prepared, stilted, studied, mechanical and pick whatever adjective fits.  They condemn her for studying as other candidates have done in the past and praise Trump for taking the process lightly.

Wait a second. 

If the New Orleans Saints or any other NFL team were to go to the Super Bowl, are they going to wing it as Trump did last night?  Is that what their fans would want of their football team going into the most important contest in their lives?

I don’t think so.

Yet, that is what Team Trump and his Trumpers and media loyalists want us to believe.  That he won despite the fact that he was ill-prepared, fell into every trap Clinton set, that he blew his cool over and over, the very thing he was not supposed to do.  After all, we needed to see the kinder gentler Trump to show his ability to be presidential.  But, what we got was a candidate who has defied every rule, who wants to be graded on a curve, who claims he put the birther issue away while promoting it over seventy times after he claims it was over.  And now, he complains about a microphone.


For the record, yes, I agree that the moderator did probe more into Trump than Clinton.  But, it just might be because he has such a history of not telling the truth that he felt it warranted the intrusion.

No, Hillary is not honest and she might earn the tag that she is corrupt.

But, Trump has a revealing history that he has been hiding that shows a pattern of his own lies and self-dealings such as using his own foundation for personal purposes.  He claims that because he is a business man, he can essentially buy politicians.  He says because he is familiar with that practice, he is the only person who can end it.  And, he’s calling the system corrupt and rigged, but when he does it, it’s smart and good business?

After all, he expects something in return when he gives.  And he says, they kiss his ___. 

Will Trump feel the brunt of his defeat?  No, not likely.  He has a built in resiliency.  Anything said against him benefits him by a factor of two.  Call him a loser and his popularity doubles. It would not surprise me if the American public finds him the winner of this debate.  Given how poorly he did, he must have done incredibly well.

Last, who was telling the truth?

Here are links from the fact-checker.  On the radio program, I was told only Hillary lied.  I think the fact checkers below just might have a different opinion, not that it will necessarily make a difference to some of the electorate.

After all, remember, he can shoot somebody on 5th Avenue and get away with murder.

That’s what scares the heck out of me. 

For the first time I can remember, he’s probably telling the truth.









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