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Trump Foundation ordered end NY fundraising, New polls, Trump taxes, Clinton's taxes, too

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foundationRoughly, five weeks left to go in the presidential election and one must wonder—can this race get nastier? 

Well, it can.  Simply check your twitter feed.  You will discover quickly, the allegations thrown around, the news stories being circulated, are as vicious as they get. In a quick twittering around, this is what is on our feed this afternoon:

Post-debate polls, one from Morning Consult, a national poll claiming Clinton with a big bump of seven points including a jump in Colorado, a highly significant climb, at that. Trump taxes? Many or now saying that Hillary Clinton committed some of the same  tax schemes as did Donald Trump.

The New York Attorney General has sent Trump another cease and desist notice for his Trump Foundation allegedly not following the rules.  Trump calls the AG of New York, a hack.   According to reports from the Washington Post, and now charges by the AG, Trump Foundation lacked the proper certification, as required by law. 

And, of course, by now, just about everybody is familiar with Alec Baldwin’s high-lipped impression of Trump on Saturday night live.  He will be returning this Saturday and reportedly will be playing Trump, until, at least some time into the future.

The Trump surrogates are attacking the Clinton’s about their marriage.  Joy Reid of MSNBC wonders if this is for real, given the surrogates own past.  Trump is boasting about two new polls one an online poll and the other a traditionally favorable poll out of USC which has always been favorable to him against Clinton.   

Trump taxes? How about Hillary’s taxes.  Trump supporters are pointing fingers at Clinton, claiming she has committed some of the same tax sheltering schemes, as Donald Trump.

Can it get any nastier?

Probably even “more so” as the big day approaches. 

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