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Trump's media bias, rigged voting claims and international conspiracies favoring Clinton

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duke cnn"“It’s a global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class, stripped our country of its wealth and put that money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities,” Trump said.

On Friday in Charlotte, another diverse city, Trump said: “The election is rigged. It’s rigged to like you have never seen before. They’re rigging the system.”



“The election is rigged”.  “The voting is rigged”.  “The media is biased”.  The media, Hillary Clinton and international banks and other foreign interests are rigging the election to undermine the United States sovereignty”.

This generally describes Donald Trump’s recent outlandish rants as his poll numbers have tubed and as he has taken a "scorched earth" swing in his run for United States President or for Trump TV, whichever is possible.

 Not that there isn’t a large market for these types of conspiracy theories.

The Jewish people have been victimized by this type of hate rhetoric for over a century.  No less than Adolph Hitler and no recent than David Duke (and so many others) have made this claim about Jews.  The claim has been that Jews are part of a cabal run by the banks and other international interests to control “The Fatherland” and now according to Duke, the United States.

Donald Trump is no stranger to "conspiracy theories" when he ran the Obama “birther” broadcasts.  He recently has hired the right wing alt-righter, Steve Bannon, formerly of Breitbart, to co-chair his campaign.  Bannon was the top conspiratorialist at Breitbart and one of the Internet's finest.  Trump has befriended the wild man of conspiracy land, Alex Jones, who knows no bounds in spinning political fantasies.  

Needless to say, Trump, is in great company to telling what Hitler espoused as the Great Lie. 

The risk that Trump and some of his supporters are making is to undermine the very foundation of this country.  He has demeaned every institution we hold firm to our very existence.  He has denounced the military leaders, victims of wars, our Congress, the Republican Party,  our women, the FBI, the IRS, our police, African Americans, Hispanics, Muslims,  Interestingly, he has not knocked Russia or Putin.  The assault upon the many institutions that make our constitution great, will only destroy the constitution he claims to hold dear.  You don''t make allegations about the election process, claim an election is rigged, unless you have incontroverted evidence for which you are willing to risk your reputation.  So far, Trump has provided no evidence, but has been quick to blame others for firebombing before the law enforcement agents have rendered any report.


But, getting back to the upcoming elections, just what proof does Trump offer that the media and the American voting system is rigged?

On Monday, Jim Brown and I discussed the latest Trump allegations among other issues such as Wikileaks and the role of the media.

Focused upon the prospects of the media, Clinton and the internationalists and others already having "rigged the system", Brown, who was Secretary of State for the State of Louisiana scoffed at the notion of the election being rigged.  According to Brown, American election system is not centralized but composed of the fifty states, all with its own election mechanisms.  Brown is not stating that some voting fraud might exist, but, believes it is hardly possible on such a massive scale that would turn an election.  He also pointed out that Republicans control the statehouses at the Secretary of State levels, thus, any concerted rigging of this universal type would be near impossible to create under these circumstances.

On the issue of media bias, Brown (as I do) question the notion of media bias.  Both of us believe that the media is no longer a monolithic body, of three TV networks, of one newspaper and one radio station in a region.  Instead, there are media opportunities of varying political stripes throughout the nation.  You can turn on the TV and if you don’t like what you are watching, you can turn it off and hit the Internet for any news you might want to find.  Brown said that the national networks are not what they used to be and while there are still publications such as the New York Times that have an audience and influence, there are an equal number of publications, talk radio stations, forums and other media avenues that can satisfy any political palate. 


There is no shortage of publications and opinions easily found to satisfy the conservative mind.

Also, mentioned during the interview, if there have been unequal media focus upon Trump's sexual escapades, why not blame Trump himself?  For months, he has tried to make the issue Bill Clinton.  Only last Sunday, he escorted four women to his press conference alleged to have been victimized by the Clinton's.  The next day, he gets embroiled in his own scandal and suddenly, the media is supposed to ignore the women's stories?  As more women come forward, the media is supposed to pretend his hypocrisy isn't astounding?  As he calls each woman a liar, after denouncing Clinton for doing the same, Trump has not made himself, the story?


Below is the discussion from the online discussion. 



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