Friday, 21 October 2016 15:48

Wikileaks drips, Trump's claims voter fraud, rigged election, yet Clinton wins debate, leads

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trump clinton debateThe United States Presidential race is now 18 days from Election Day.  The final debate is now history.  Now the fun begins as Donald Trump fights an uphill battle to overtake Hillary Clinton in what has been considered by many to be the ugliest, most expensive Presidential election in history.

In a recent Youtube video, Jim Brown and Stephen Sabludowsky, discuss the recent debate that took, place Wednesday evening and talked about the challenges Clinton and Trump face.

Trump has recently called the election rigged, the voting rigged, the media biased which has angered many Clinton supporters, members of the media and others.  The stead drip of emails from Wikileaks which fall like Chinese water torture continues daily that are helping making the race close.

Below are the most recent tweets regarding the election and above is the video interview from earlier today.


The most recent Trump-Clinton tweets

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