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James O'Keefe claims Clinton broke law, but he, Trump ducks Foundation payment

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okeefe hillaryVideographer James O'Keefe has released a video saying he has proof that Hillary Clinton knew about the operations involving the Democratic Party and a related political organization allegedly involved in causing violence at the Trump rallies. O'Keefe, presented edited videos that on their face, show that Clinton directed the use of a Donald Duck costume to tease Trump about his Income taxes which he has refused to reveal.

Maybe the video is accurate.

We won't know until more information is revealed including the complete video and not just the edited versions.

However, we also know that James O'Keefe appears not to bee a journalist but a paid snoop, paid for by Donald Trump through his Trump Foundation, back in 2015, before Trump entered the race.

O'Keefe claims that Clinton broke the law, however, he does not disclose any information, nor does Trump, regarding how the Trump Foundation appears to have paid him for services. The Foundation is an organization with a history of questionable actions, some unlawful.


Is O'Keefe going to investigate the payment he received from the Trump Foundation? Will Donald Trump?

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