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Trump now likes Comey after FBI Clinton email server October surprise bombshell

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October surprise.

No, not Russia courtesy of Donald Trump and Wikileaks.

The October surprise, the FBI.

Who'd have thunk it?

That "corrupt" institution, the FBI, that Donald Trump has railed against as he has repeatedly called the election rigged because the media, the Bankers, the national businessmen, the votes are "rigged", landed its October bombshell.

In a letter from FBI Jim Comey this afternoon, the organization announced it was "reviewing new emails". See letter above.

Of course, Trump had it wrong.  Today, he told his audience it was "reopening" an investigation.  Actually, the investigation has never been closed.

Should the FBI have taken this action only days prior to election day?  

My initial response is NO, not in the way it did.  I believe Coney and the FBI should have done it quietly unless there was some reason to make a public announcement.  If there is a need to make such an announcement, then, great.  Go at it.Indeed, iff

Also, if there is evidence that Hillary or anybody else did anything unlawful, the FBI should and must pursue the investigation.  But, when, there is only a three-paragraph announcement, in the middle of the most important election in my history, to recoin a popular phrase from our former Secretary of State, "does it make a difference" had they proceeded without giving one campaign an advantage over the other?

But, who knows.  Maybe tomorrow, we will get an FBI announcement that Donald Trump and/or Wikileaks and/or Roger Stone and/or Russia and/or Putin are being investigated for allegedly interfering with the American election process.

Should this occur, I am sure wee will se Donald Trump sing a different tune, his usual one--Everybody is corrupt, but him.

Whatever the FBI is doing and for whatever reason it is doing it, I respect its decision.  It is not corrupt.  It is full of professionals from top to bottom.

Says Pete Wilson of NBC News, as per tweet: According to Sr. officials say—During separate investigation “a device” led to add'l emails–not from Clinton

Who knows.  

For whatever it is worth, let us hope that the FBI can provide us some certainty whether Hillary Clinton is in any way implicated by this statement, sooner rather than later.   

America has a compelling interest to get to the truth and to uncover behavior that might be criminal.  It also has a compelling need to ensure that the election process is fair.  The more open the process at this time, whatever the consequences and whoever it might impact is warranted.  

The all-time election from hell, just got more uncertain.

As if we really needed it.






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