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Libertarians should leave Johnson & vote Trump

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johnson 4In years past, Libertarian presidential candidates such as Ron Paul and others were serious candidates with well reasoned messages about important issues. Paul was known for his views about monetary policy, the Federal Reserve, tax policy and excess federal spending. Unfortunately, today’s Libertarian Party has been hijacked by former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson and his liberal running mate, former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld.

This ticket is not focusing on economic issues, but social issues such as the incarceration rate throughout the country and the legalization of drugs. Of course, many young voters are attracted to the Libertarian Party due to these issues, especially the focus on legalizing marijuana.

Unfortunately, Johnson and Weld are not firm on Second Amendment rights, border security, battling Islamic terrorism, supporting law enforcement or rebuilding our military. They are also not pro-life advocates, another divergence from Ron Paul’s position. 

Johnson and Weld believe in “free trade,” overlooking the loss of manufacturing and jobs that has been caused by treaties such as NAFTA. They believe in open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens, overlooking the vast number of jobs that have been taken from legal residents and the unsustainable cost of providing government benefits to people who break our laws.

Sadly, this ticket is registering about 7% in most polls. The majority of these voters would choose Trump over Clinton. If voters want to send a message to the establishment and rebuild our economy, the best way to accomplish those goals is to vote for Donald Trump, the true outsider candidate. In contrast, Johnson is a long term politician who has been running for President for five years.

Voters who are primarily concerned about marijuana legalization should realize that this movement is occurring with or without the support of a presidential candidate. On the list of major problems facing our country drug legalization is not anywhere near the top. Instead, fighting terrorism, restoring our economy, repealing Obamacare and securing the border are much more pressing issues facing America. On all of these critical concerns, Donald Trump is on the side of a majority of the American people.

The presidential election is getting much closer in the final days. With the revelations about the FBI email investigation continuing, Obamacare premiums increasing and the daily release of WikiLeaks emails, Hillary Clinton has lost her comfortable lead. She still is the favorite to win because of the incredible bias of the media and the strong ground game that the Democrats have throughout the country.

Trump has been outspent and has not had united GOP support or much of a field operation to match Clinton. Still, he is within striking distance in these final days of the race.

One factor can insure his victory, an influx of voters moving their support away from Gary Johnson and joining his campaign.

While Trump is right on the major issues and Johnson is plain wrong, he has also been exposed as totally incompetent. Even though he has been running for President since 2011, he was unaware of the disaster in Aleppo, Syria and could not even name another world leader.

In a recent interview, he stuck his tongue out at a reporter in an effort to be silly; however, these are not silly times. These are serious times and the country is in desperate need for a leader with the courage to address the issues. Clearly, Gary Johnson does not have the maturity or understanding to be President. He also does not have the right position on a variety of issues.

It is time for those voters supporting the Libertarian ticket to abandon a campaign that is going nowhere and join the massive movement behind Donald Trump. Libertarians can put Trump over the top and prevent the cancer of Hillary Clinton from returning to the White House. It can not only have a powerful impact on this election, it is the right thing to do for the country. --

Jeff Crouere is a native of New Orleans, LA and he is the host of a Louisiana based program, “Ringside Politics,” which airs at 7:30 p.m. Fri. and 10:00 p.m. Sun. on WLAE-TV 32, a PBS station, and 7 till 11 a.m.weekdays on WGSO 990 AM in New Orleans and the Northshore. For more information, visit his web site at www.ringsidepolitics.com. E-mail him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Jeff Crouere

Jeff Crouere is a native New Orleanian and his award winning program, Ringside Politics,” airs locally at 7:30 p.m. Fridays and at 10:00 p.m. Sundays on PBS affiliate WLAE-TV, Channel 32, and from 7-11 a.m.weekdays on WGSO 990-AM & www.Wgso.com. He is a political columnist, the author of America's Last Chance and provides regular commentaries on the Jeff Crouere YouTube channel and on www.JeffCrouere.com. For more information, email him at [email protected]

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