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When you thought the Clinton vs. Trump election could not get any crazier

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comey sitJim Brown, former Louisiana’s Secretary of State knows something elections. He was a state official for 28 years.  He has seen a few presidential elections over his political years spanning roughly  50 years. 

On Monday, during a on online video discussion, Brown explained the latest edition of politics USA by calling the upcoming election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as the “craziest presidential election anybody's memory”.

Crazy, as in, one candidate being notified by the fbi that her top personal aide has been victimized by a psycho-sexual exhibitionist, craving sexting online.

Crazy as in the FBI director, a highly-respected law enforcer, now under serious scrutiny due to decisions made by one of the candidates, using a private server in her home.

Crazy, as in an election that was looking like a runaway for the Democrat, now, fading from her grasps as each news cycle discusses her problems rather than Trump’s.

Then, when an election is “crazy”, one never knows just how nuts related news stories become as election day nears.

That is what occurred yesterday during our online discussion.

During our conversation, I asked Brown about the current Jim Comey controversy.  Brown, said the FBI is only charged with collecting evidence and it is up to the Justice Department to determine whether or not the evidence is worth a criminal case, not the FBI.  Brown further felt that Comay found nothing legally or criminally wrong with Hillary Clinton’s email situation that was criminal and that he should have “shut his mouth” about the new information from the Anthony Wiener computer.

Perhaps even more crazy or, perhaps, interestingly, I normally take the position that is more adverse to Donald Trump.   This time, I did not.  I felt that Comey was justified in announcing his decision to “open the investigation” last Friday.  After all, I proffered, when Bill Clinton met with US attorney Loretta Lynch on the airplane tarmac,  the protocol went out of the window.  Further, I felt that Comey has been exemplary, an ethical paragon, despite the claims of corruption, treason being thrown at him by Trump supporters, and other Republicans.

Suddenly, an article popped on my twitter feed.  What?  According to CNBC, Comey decided not to join with 17 government agencies to declare Russia as intruding in our elections by hacking?  Why not?  The article said, he made the decision because of its timing to the elections.  It would be unfair, the article quoted somebody, with knowledge.


You mean, it is fair game to go after Hillary and announce a further examination of her emails but it is not appropriate to call Russia out for tampering with our elections?

Talk about crazy.

Watch the video as we discuss the fairness of this issue.  

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