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La. Politics: Trump or Clinton best for your wallet? Duke unhinged, US Senate race tweets

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senate vacancy 3Will the economy be better for you with President Hillary Clinton or with President Donald Trump?

One survey organization has prepared two reports examining possible outcomes: What If Trump Wins? and What If Hillary Wins?



In an email, Wallethub, claims it has "crunched ed the numbers on what’s likely in store for everything from GDP growth and the S&P 500 to tax rates and Social Security".

Wallethub also has included these recent election research:


Watching Jon Snell argue with David Duke during the recent US Senate debate at Dillard University in New Orleans was a sight to behold.  Duke, felt he was not being treated fairly by Snell.  Things got out of control.  Duke began yelling at Snell claiming he was not being impartial.

This weekend, in an interview, a David Duke biographer, Tyler Bridges talked about that debate confrontation.  Here is a shortened version of that interview which includes footage of Duke watch the video

Here is a link to the article and the complete interview:

Tweetdom senate race


Although much attention has been focused on the presidential election, there are other ballots tomorrow including the most important Louisiana US Senate Race.  Above are some of the recent tweets about and by the candidates:

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