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Our future depends upon how Clinton, Trump, supporters handle defeat

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stronger greatToday we face our future whether we are ready or not, whether we want to or not. 

It's Trump vs. Clinton.

I prefer neither, but, given the choice, I can't go with Trump.  However, I respect the opinions of those who have decided to push the Trump button.

Indeed, there are Trump supporters who are voting for him by default, just as there are Hillary voters, like myself, who are really #nevertrumpers.

More importantly, whether one is an advocate of either candidate or voting defensively, as I am, the real issue is, not today, but tomorrow.  What will ultimately define our success of our future is how we cope with our defeat tonight and the days going forward.  

Of course, much depends upon what the candidates themselves do and what they say.  

Neither Hillary nor Donald Trump should “go low”.  They can't.  The election has taken us about as low as we can possibly go.  Social media has been a political battleground of animus.  The candidates and the political parties have turned the process into a slugfest.

Americans now heal.  The country is too divided over race, nationality, income, religion and just about everything and anything that make us different from one another.  The country cannot survive if we throw verbal hand-grenades at one another out of fear or hate.  

Weeks ago, Trump told us that he was uncertain if he would accept the vote, should he lose.  He has made some very serious statements of which I have found most destructive to this nation.  He has blamed the media, the establishment, the voters.  When he is ahead, he promotes the polls, when he is down, he claims they are rigged.  He has said that he will win unless the election is stolen from him.  Nothing I have ever heard has demeaned the nation as that statement which was predicated upon falsehoods and absolutely zero proof.  

In my opinion, Hillary Clinton has not questioned the honesty of Americans nor the sanctity of our democracy.  However, her 

campaign, due to many revelations from wikileaks and other reports indicate a mindset of not playing by the rules.  Win or lose, that must end, whoever is determined to be the loser when it is over.  That candidate must pronounce and accept the fate dealt their way.

Four years ago, after Barack Obama won, many of opponents went on radio and social media and threatened to secede from the Union.  I believe many of those people are now Trump supporters.  I know they were angry, frustrated and they had enough.  I understand that.  But, this type of behavior cannot exist post-election.  Unless there is absolute proof of something toward our democracy--all of us, all of us, must accept the elections results.  All of us must accept that we will soon have a President Clinton or President Trump.  Whoever prevails gets my support.  That person won fairly in a democratic process where tens of millions of Americans participated to have their individual voices heard.

Anything less than support of our President-elect will simply continue to erode our confidence in the very American fabric.  The real patriot is not one who can wave the biggest and largest and most profound American flag nor is it the one who is most respectful when hearing our National Anthem. 

No.  Not at all.  It is the person who will make all reasonable efforts to support the new President to help right this American ship which has hopefully, only temporarily, lost its way.  

Above all, the future of our country depends upon how we accept the results of today.

In so many ways, the future of this nation depends upon our wounded political warrior to put down the gun and welcome the shovel.

We have plenty of dirt needing to be removed from underneath and over our collective feet and across our tarnished American institutions.

God Bless America.  And God Bless our next American President.


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