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Campbell connects with Trump, ties Bobby Jindal to John Kennedy

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jindal cavutoThe US Senate contest is between Foster Campbell and John Kennedy, democrat vs. republican. The task for Campbell to overcome the lead that Kennedy currently has based upon the elections results is difficult. Some believe Campbell will have an anguishing time given the groundswell of support Donald Trump, also a Republican, has in the state.  So, what does Campbell do to maintain a positive association to Trump while helping to build a wedge between Kennedy and Trump?

The answer: Bring up Bobby Jindal.

This is exactly what has occurred as the Campbell campaign released the press release, below.  A fair connection?

Campbell Press Release:

A day after the Wall Street Journal reported that former Governor Bobby Jindal is being considered by President-elect Trump to be a member of his cabinet, Senate Candidate Foster Campbell responded that he is "troubled" by the idea. 

As a member of the Senate, Campbell would have to vote on whether to confirm Jindal's appointment.

"President-elect Trump and I will have a lot of things we can work on together. He has said that we need term limits and ban on lobbying for former members of Congress. I'll enthusiastically sponsor the bills to make it happen. And of course we'll fix our busted roads, bridges, and ports," said Campbell. "But when it comes to Bobby Jindal we all have a responsibility to warn President-elect Trump about Bobby Jindal's budget gimmicks that bankrupted our state. He can't be trusted." 

Jindal entered office in 2007 with a $1.4 billion state budget surplus he inherited from Governor Kathleen Blanco. Jindal's cold-hearted, irresponsible budgeting led to the $2 billion deficit he left for incoming democratic Governor John Bel Edwards in 2016. 

"As the chair of the State Bond Commission, Kennedy rubber stamped Jindal's dishonest budget tactics that bankrupted our state and personally put taxpayers on the hook for $786 million dollars," said Campbell. "Kennedy not only let Jindal rob Louisiana, he'll happily help him rob the federal treasury too." 


Background on Kennedy Assistance to Jindal Destruction:
Everybody knows that Bobby Jindal bankrupted the state. But what you might not know is that he couldn’t have done it without State Treasurer John Kennedy.
According to a State Legislative Auditor’s report, as the chair of the State Bond Commission John Kennedy, let Jindal take bond money that was meant for “projects that have long-term benefits for the public such as roads and bridges,” and used it instead order to plug holes in Jindal’s dodgy budgets.[1]
Now Louisiana taxpayers have to pay that money back—with interest.
How much borrowed money are we talking about? $545 million.[2]
How much is the interest? $231 million.[3]
As Foster Campbell learned last year, when he was the chairman of Governor John Bel Edwards’ Fiscal Matters Committee, Jindal was “robbing Peter to pay Paul” —and he left Louisiana’s taxpayers with a bill of $786 million dollars.
That $786 million could be helping to keep open the Plaquemines Parish Public Defender’s Office, or Nicholls State University, or hospitals all across the state—all of which are now in danger of closing.
Instead, what is Louisiana getting for that $786 million?
Ask John Kennedy, head of the State Bond Commission, who let Jindal do it.


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