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Trump's Obamacare repeal and replace, pre-existing conditions, better healthcare, lower costs miracle

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trumpcare“Real change begins with immediately repealing and replacing Obamacare”

Or so candidate Donald Trump told us throughout the campaign and particularly days before he was elected to be the next President of the United States.

So, it came as somewhat of a surprise when asked on Sunday’s CBS 60 minutes if his replacement would include “people with preconditions” a very popular program now in existence, due to Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act?

Trump, surrounded by his family said, “Yes because it happens to be one of the strongest assets”  He also included the provision of young adults remaining on their mom and dad's policies. Trump acknowledged it would add costs.

Which, to me, means he won't immediately completely repeal and replace Obamacare which I have contended, would be impossible for starts.  Now, he claims he wants to add the two most popular Obamacare programs--pre-existing conditions and keeping kids on the parent's insurance policies, into the mix.

So, not only does he want to do the impossible, but now he wants to add the most important programs to the already-existing impossible.

Which honestly raises the questions—is Trump  now being honest with us?  Was he  dishonest then on the campaign when he said immediate repeal and replace?  Or, perhaps, was he just mouthing words that I believe republican lawmakers and their candidates have been doing since the legislation became law?

I know it sounds harsh and republicans have not been the only political forces that appear to be mouthing in the dark.  The difference, perhaps, the Republicans have pushed for a specific action, repeal and replace roughly 60 times without any plan at all as to how to replace the law. Think about it.  They pushed repeal and had zero replacement.  Did they mean it?  Maybe not, since Obamacare has been the greatest political gift donated to one party by another, in modern times.  The Democrats, in response, have failed to see the nose in front of their faces as they never asked the question--would there be any interruption of coverage if it were repealed and replaced?  How would you do this?

Not that I am any genius or pretend to be.  The issue suddenly dawned upon me while I was talking to some friends during a Google Hangout.  At the time, I asked two fellow attorney friends, hey, if you repeal a law, doesn't that mean, the law is over?   If so, how can you repeal and replace without some kind of interruption, if, the repeal is going to be done immediately as the republicans were pushing in their daily mantras?

That was roughly two years ago.  initially wrote a column about this very issue, asking sardonically asking, would i have health insurace on the day that Obamacare died?

Quite frankly, I was amazed that our then-Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal, who touted himself as a leading healthcare policy wonk kept repeating the same political junk food while he held himself out as a possible presidential candidate.  I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears when our Republican US Senate candidates, Rob Maness and Dr. Bill Cassidy also claimed that they would repeal and replacing it on the first day they took office. (Also see)  Maness said he would pull it out by its roots on the first day he took office. 

They were not alone making these promises.

None of the media asked the questions to the candidates to explain how this would be done.  Sure, there might be great plans, but legislatively, how would it be accomplished without causing the worse nightmare in healthcare history?  To make sure I understood that the issue in the hope to get a conclusive answer, I questioned others, such as the President of American Public Health Association Dr. Georges Benjamin and most recently, a conservative advocate for repealing the healthcare law, Jason Pye of Freedom Works.  Honestly, neither seemed to know the answer to the very basic question.  Out of frustration, I asked prior to the election, what if President Trump Republican Congress repeals Obamacare, as promised

So, I was pleasantly surprised that somebody somewhere was asking a major decision-maker, a very simple question--would this mean that insurances would be disrupted, if you immediately repeal and replace?  That question, by itself would be a doozy to answer.  But, Trump, who cowers to nothing, went even further.  He volunteered that he would keep pre-existing conditions and young adult on their parents’ insurance coverage, too.  And, to top it off, he claims, there would be no interruptions and that we would have “great healthcare” and it would be for “less money”.

And, to add some confidence, he says he knows how to do this kind of stuff.

Right.  The “ultimate outsider”, without a scintilla of legislative experience who doesn't know how government works, who has never passed a piece of legislation, now tells us he will easily tackle the most complicated legislative mess in our history.  In doing so, it will not only be easy as pie, but  he’ll do it Houdini-style, blindfolded and hands behind the back.  Abracadabra, immediate repeal and replace, maintain preexisting coverage creating better healthcare for a cheaper price.   


Donald Trump, who indeed has worked miracles during the past seventeen months, must have another one up his sleeves.  He says this is one of the most important items on his first day agendas.  This would be quite a feat, given that the Democrats (and President Obama), holding a majority in federal government, took well over a year to make the Affordable Care Act legislation, the law of the land.

So, what do i now think?

WOW!!  I mean WOW!!

The Good Lord certainly has made our next chief executive in his own image.  Holy WOW!! Let us rejoice, rejoice.

Here is a video i created Sunday evening, which I call WHOPPER: 60 Minutes Donald Trump Repeal and Replace Obamacare no interruption of coverage

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