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Tuesday, 15 November 2016 14:10

Louisiana U.S. Senate race, Kennedy vs. Campbell and the money flow

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lou gehrig burnettby Lou Gehrig Burnett, Publisher of Fax-Net

It’s Kennedy vs. Campbell

As most polls predicted, it’s Republican John Kennedy against Democrat Foster Campbell in the runoff for the Louisiana U.S. Senate seat.

Campbell edged out Republican Charles Boustany by two percentage points, 17-15%, to make it into the runoff. Kennedy came in first with 25%.



(Photo: Lou Gehrig Burnett)

It promises to be an epic battle. Campbell wasted no time in going on the attack saying “Kennedy has been everything but a Baptist preacher” and tying Kennedy to Sen. David Vitter by saying they are “kindred spirits.”

The final results were Kennedy (R) 25%, Campbell (D) 17%, Boustany (R) 15%, Caroline Fayard (D) 12%, John Fleming (R) 11%, Rob Maness (R) 5%, and David Duke (R) 3%. Voter turnout was 63.9%.

Here’s how area parishes voted:

Bossier Parish

John Fleming (R) – 35%.

John Kennedy (R) – 23%.

Foster Campbell (D) – 18%.

Caroline Fayard (D) – 6%.

Rob Maness (R) – 5%

Charles Boustany (R) – 4%.

Voter turnout was 65.1%.

Caddo Parish

Foster Campbell (D) – 34%.

John Fleming (R) – 23%.

John Kennedy (R) – 17%.

Caroline Fayard (D) – 10%.

Charles Boustany (R) – 3%.

Rob Maness (R) – 3%.

Voter turnout was 59.4%.

DeSoto Parish

Foster Campbell (D) – 29%.

John Fleming (R) – 28%.

John Kennedy (R) – 21%.

Caroline Fayard (D) – 5%.

Charles Boustany (R) – 3%.

Rob Maness (R) – 3%.

Voter turnout was 67.7%.

Webster Parish

John Fleming (R) – 36%.

Foster Campbell (D) – 29%.

John Kennedy (R) – 18%.

Caroline Fayard (D) – 4%.

Rob Maness (R) –3%.

Charles Boustany (R) –2 %.

Voter turnout was 67.1%.

Rejected were the two candidates who are already Members of Congress and were looking for a promotion from the House to the Senate – Boustany and Fleming.

But voters chose two candidates who have been involved in Louisiana politics for decades in Kennedy and Campbell.


The money picture

The Louisiana U.S. Senate race was an expensive proposition for some of the candidates. Campaign finance reports through October 19 show that Democrat Foster Campbell put $750,000 of his own money into the race.

Democrat Caroline Fayard had loans of $890,000, Republican John Fleming of $863,725, and Republican Rob Maness of $50,000.

Republican Charles Boustany was the big spender. His report shows he spent $5.1 million in a losing cause. Similarly, Republican John Fleming spent $3.8 million in a losing cause.

Those amounts are included in the amount of money raised by the candidates, which is combined with campaign contributions

Here is a recap of money raised and spent as of October 19. These figures will increase, of course, because the election was not until November 8 and candidates tended to spend more in the days leading up to the election.

Republican John Kennedy (25% of the vote)

Money Raised – $2,752,442.

Money Spent – $1,896,430.

Cash on Hand as of 10/19 – $856,011.

Democrat Foster Campbell (17% of the vote)

Money Raised – $1,461,752.

Money Spent – $1.150,720.

Cash on Hand as of 10.19 – $311,052.

Republican Charles Boustany (15% of the vote)

Money Raised – $5,141,969.

Money Spent – $5,112,239.

Cash on Hand as of 10/19 – $396,148.

Democrat Caroline Fayard (12% of the vote)

Money Raised – $1,583,487.

Money Spent – $1,516,107.

Cash on Hand as of 10/19 – $67,378.

Republican John Fleming (11% of the vote)

Money Raised – $4,295,413.

Money Spent – $3,761,878.

Cash oh Hand as 10/19 – $533,534.

Republican Rob Maness (5% of the vote)

Total Raised – $743,454.

Total Spent – $602,694.

Cash on Hand as of 10/19 – $181,911.

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