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Fox News: Say no to Megyn Kelly for her anti-Trump wails and Ailes flip flop

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megynOver the past week, Megyn Kelly of Fox News has been busy promoting her new book. In the process, she has been receiving glowing reviews by the liberal media who love her criticisms of President-elect Donald Trump.  

Last year, Kelly famously tangled with Trump at the first presidential debate. She asked him a loaded question about his treatment of women and in typical Trump style, he fired back on Twitter and in other media outlets.  



The two appeared to settle their differences nine months later when Trump appeared as a guest on her Fox network special. 

Despite the apparent truce, it is clear the two do not like each other. Trump has not appeared recently on Kelly’s Fox News program, although he is a frequent guest on Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity’s shows. Kelly is maintaining her regular criticism of Trump and gives his opponents plenty of time on her show.  

On election night, it was priceless to see the stunned look on Kelly’s face as it was apparent that Trump would be our country’s next President.  

Despite Trump’s victory, there was no time for Kelly to sulk because she had a book to promote. Over the past week, she has been all over the national media talking about her book, her career and giving her opinion on both Trump and her former Fox News boss Roger Ailes.  

In one interview, Kelly called Ailes “dangerous” and in her new book she claims that on multiple occasions he sexually harassed her. She alleges that he made inappropriate comments and tried to kiss her multiple times. Due to his position at the network, Kelly remained quiet about the incidents until her former Fox News colleague Gretchen Carlson filed a multi-million-dollar lawsuit outlining shocking sexual harassment allegations against Ailes.  

Soon thereafter, Kelly and other women backed up Carlson with their own sexual harassment allegations against Ailes. When Megyn Kelly, the rising star of Fox News, made such accusations against Ailes, it was clear that his days were numbered at the network.  

In response, despite the multiple allegations against him, Ailes continues to assert his innocence. Ironically, it was Ailes who promoted Kelly to her high-profile position. Last year, in a Charlie Rose PBS interview, Kelly insisted that Ailes “has been nothing but good to me.” Through his attorney, Ailes responded to Kelly’s accusations by noting that “no good deed goes unpunished.” 

Per media reports, Kelly currently makes $15 million per year and has been offered $20 million to sign with Fox News again when her contract expires next summer. She has not accepted their offer and is currently weighing her options.  

Even though Megyn Kelly has enjoyed a rapid rise to fame in the past few years, Fox News would be wise to quietly allow Kelly to move on. She is a lightning rod for controversy and is clearly not going to get much access to the new administration. Her anti-Trump views have also alienated many Fox News viewers. In fact, during the election season, Kelly’s show lost viewers to CNN and MSNBC and her ratings were often surpassed by Sean Hannity, even though his show starts one hour later.  

Undoubtedly, the clear majority of Fox News viewers supported Trump; however, Kelly refuses to say who she supported for President. It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that Kelly did not vote for Trump.  As time goes on, conservatives who watch Fox News will grow weary of Kelly and her ratings will continue to slide. With her views, she is just not a good fit for the network.  

Kelly would be more comfortable on any of the networks who welcome liberal hosts. It remains to be seen if any other network is willing to invest more than $20 million per year on a host who is not on good terms with the new President and who has been a ratings disappointment with her TV special and on her own program.  

In the world of cable news anything is possible as these network honchos are known for making horrible decisions. What else can explain why CNN hired Elliot Spitzer and MSNBC hired Brian Williams, two individuals known for scandalous behavior. In the case of Megyn Kelly, the only scandal is her performance on air does not match the hype. 


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