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The Conflict-of-Interest President, Donald J. Trump, monetizing his White House stay, we pay

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News stories pour out daily focused upon the potential conflicts of interest for Donald J. Trump, incoming leader of the free world, or for now, otherwise, known as the President-elected for the United States of America.

However, the news articles also populate social media, with another, "you've got to be kidding", response from a growing-weary public.
Trump's wife and child are staying in New York at their modest home atop the White House North or the Trump Towers.  The Secret Service might be spending millions to protect them.  That's million that might be going into the coffers of the Trump business, run by Ivanka and Donald Jr. as the Senior Donald tends to the public business.
Yet, there's constant drip of conflict-of-interest news stories: Trump receives a call from the President of Argentina and days later, the Trump building in that country no longer is "on hold".  Or, the Trump Christmas ornament being sold, with Make America Great Again slogan, emblazoned.  Or, Trump's daughter chatting with Japanese Prime Minister when the Asian leader spends time with the president-elect.  Or Indian businessmen pleased because their values have just skyrocketed. Jim Brown and Stephen Sabludowsky discussed these issues in an online video discussion today on Facebook Live.

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