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Donald Trump's voter fraud Twitter Storm amid cabinet picks making America Great Again

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trump twitter earthFor some reason, last night, when looking at the latest twitter storm conducted by Donald Trump, my mind wandered onto some of the great US Presidents, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abe Lincoln, Ronald Reagan.  To me, the very notion that very shortly, Donald J. Trump will join the exclusive fraternity of American brotherhoods—American Presidents, is staggering.

These Presidents have been men of honesty, inspiration, courage, flexibility.  And, men of strength.

Governing America has never been easy.  And, during all presidential transitions, the country’s top leader is overwhelmed picking the right cabinet, surrounding himself with the top men and women of proven records and dedications.  Focus upon details must be top of the list for the incoming Commanders in Chief.

Unless, you are Donald Trump, it seems.

If you’re Donald Trump, you have other preoccupations such as twitter.

For those who have not yet discovered, Trump goes to twitter when he wants to unleash.  It is a great vehicle for him, one that could almost bear his name, given the exposure, he single-handedly has given to the online social media service.

Last night, Trump was at his twitter best.  When the media asked him to cite facts to support his claim that there was millions of illegal votes cast, he took to tweeting with one of the most amazing displays of political chutzpah, I have ever seen.  And, I must say, after a year and a half of Trump, I’ve seen some chutzpah.

His tweets drove me to create the following short video.

Something tells me, the next four years might not be the most inspiring in American history. I feel confident, however, it surely will be one of the most memorable.



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