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Guns in New Orleans, US cities, not the problem, it's Domestic Terrorism

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This past week proved to be an especially terrifying one in New Orleans.  Not only did we have to bear the international embarrassment of a mass shooting on Bourbon Street during the Bayou Classic celebration, we also had an incident were four people were shot with over fifty-seven bullet casings found at the crime scene. nbsp;Violence in America has transitioned from what was once singular homicides where an individual shoots another to what has become neighborhood carnage with multiple shooters strafing communities with semi-automatic weapons equipped with extended clips.

 No longer do we have single intended victims; today our city streets are awash in blood and brass.   The perpetrators have a total disregard for anyone’s life.  Even young toddlers have endured life altering injuries and death.  Some children have been shot while in what was once the protective embrace of their own homes.   High powered rifle rounds penetrate walls. hr id="system-readmore" />
 These young men have no concern about opening fire on a group of people, often a family event, where they target one person without regard for the innocent.  What they lack in ability to aim before shooting they make up for in a barrage of fire hoping the spread of lead will strike their intended victim. No concern for collateral damage or loss of life. 
 The problem is NOT guns.   It is a generation of young criminals who have a total disregard for life or property.   They display a twisted mentality of reckless abandon. Something is wrong in their wiring.  
New Orleans has experienced a frightening number of mass shootings:
1. Bourbon Street this past Sunday… ten shot one killed.
2. Mother’s Day 2013… 19 wounded and one trampled to death.
3. Graduation Party…May 24, 2014, seven wounded one killed.
4. Bourbon Street…June 29, 2014, nine wounded and one killed.
5. Drive-by August 10, 2014… five wounded two killed. (Two toddlers seriously wounded)
6. Bunny Friend Park…November 22, 2015, seventeen wounded
7. Several days ago at another mass shooting scene four wounded and police recovered 57 shell casings.
 Violence in New Orleans is not new.   In 2011 there were 16,761 crimes in the city including 200 murders, 163 forcible rapes, and 14,013 property crimes.   New Orleans has one of the highest crime rates in America for its population.
 However, this more recent trend of mass shootings is a new and growing problem.  Whole communities find themselves under assault by gang-bangers who thoughtlessly empty their clips in residential areas.  What to do?
 First, it is time such activity is properly defined and the perpetrators formally charged for the true nature of their crime… “Domestic Terrorism.”
 One does not have to have a flag, a political agenda, or an intolerant religious ideology to be a terrorist.  One doesn’t even have to kill someone. One need merely terrorize a community. 
 Perhaps if the legislature and governor stood together and threw down the gauntlet something could be done.  Those committing such violent, mindless mass shootings should be charged with Domestic Terrorism which brings a sentence of life without benefit of parole…ever!
 Until communities take action and eliminate those perpetrating this violence, it will continue.  If the message is clearly sent out that anyone who places the safety of a community at risk will be charged as a terrorist, perhaps things will change.  They must know they will be treated for what they are…Terrorists!   No mercy, no forgiveness, no mitigating circumstances.   If guilty of the crime…do the time!
 Our state must be firm in sending the message that this behavior has serious consequences.  Repeat: you needn’t kill someone to be convicted.   The mere act of shooting up a neighborhood is sufficient grounds for the charge.   
 We have to start somewhere.   Far too many innocent people have been killed or lost their quality of life because of this mindless gunplay.  It must stop and it can be stopped.  If extreme measures are needed…then so be it!
 People have to be held accountable and endure the consequences for their actions.  Otherwise, all hope is lost.   When respect for law and order disappears the result is to either surrender to the criminal element, or suffer the resulting brutality of vigilante justice.  Neither alternative is acceptable among civilized people.  Both promise an endless spiral into the abyss. 
Strong action must be taken to secure domestic tranquility.  Politicians of all stripes as well as members of all segments of our community must stand together to map a strong and effective course of action.   Failure is not acceptable.

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