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Trump accepts vote since he won but turns angry red over Green Party's Jill Stein's vote recount

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steinDonald J. Trump declared that he would accept the results of the 2016 election if he won. That’s a no brainer even if the President-elect won’t accept that he didn’t win California and was gypped out of two million votes. That’s a whole lot of cheating which makes Trump’s ire at Jill Stein’s recount follies beyond rational.

 If two million votes were taken from Trump by establishment crookedness, as he has tweeted, maybe a few tens of thousands were siphoned off Hillary Clinton’s scorecard, too. If enough votes were stolen from the Democratic nominee in the swing states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan then Clinton won the Electoral College, besides the popular vote. The thought must be frightful to more than a few prospective new cabinet members who will remain on the unemployment lines, along with coal miners and factory workers if Mrs. C. is awarded the presidency, however belatedly. Stein hasn’t said it was a 400-pound guy lying on a bed bug-infested mattress in Oshkosh who decided to sink the Clinton campaign. Nor did she say it was a kid in a mud walled computer school in Pakistan. She didn’t blame it on the Russians. Her rationale was that the electoral process needed examination. It certainly does if the Electoral College is going to be shuttered, just like ITT Tech and other failed schools, including Trump University.    If Stein is correct that the mysteries of this election lie in the innards of voting machines instead of on paper ballots, which seemed to track the polls, she’ll made a seismic contributed to technological advances in tallying technology. Vegas upped its game every time a cheater figured out how to rig the slots. Cheating started with slugs in slots and, quickly, advanced to electronic instrumentation but, every time, the casinos met the challenges to their bottom lines. Stein, is right, should win a free weekend at the Mirage.
During the campaign Donald Trump demeaned the entire electoral process. He called it rigged. No one ever imagined he might have been talking about help from his most ardent supporter, Vladimir Putin. The GOP’s big score benefitted from a big assist by Russia. If this was a baseball game Putin would’ve gotten a save and his pitching would’ve put him in Cy Young contention for a particularly artful curveball. Granny Clinton didn’t have a chance.
Stein has been attacked for the large sums of money she’s raised for the recounts even though her party is the Green. The new counts will cost her something like 7 million dollars. That’s three times Stein’s estimated net worth of 2.5 million dollars and a whole lot of years worth of her, and her husband’s, three-hundred-and-forty thousand dollar annual earnings. To put the amount in perspective, Stein spent three-and-a-half million dollars on her entire campaign, less even than Mike Huckabee spent on an even more fruitless quest for the Republican nomination. Rent for an evening fund-raiser at Mar-a-Lago probably costs half as much as Stein’s entire campaign war chest. 
Then, as it must, the highly fake news struck again. Jill Stein was accused of using recount money she raised from well-intentioned donors to throw herself and her pals a marijuana dinner party. The story didn’t say what strains were consumed but Acapulco Gold was probably one of them. To give the lie a patina of credibility it was accompanied, in some cases, by a photo of Stein being arrested by a NYPD officer at a Trump Tower protest leading gullible readers to assume that the pricey pot party was a bust.
Meanwhile, in the states where it’ll count the most, the recount is about to begin. In response, Trump’s agents are threatening to recount states that Clinton won, perhaps to see if the Chinese helped here. If this persists, we’re could be getting closer than ever to a Kafkaesque state where there is a never ending election, one that no one ever wins and no ever loses. It’s unlikely that Clinton will be the candidate who prevails after the recounts, but anything is possible in these most unlikely of times.  Stein’s skepticism about who really prevailed in the November election, and why, might explain Trump’s reluctance to leave his aerie in New York for Washington D.C. Not to despair, however, if no one else moves into the White House after January 20th at least Ivanka and Jared will be there because they just signed a 48-month lease on the Lincoln Bedroom. The landlord just gave it to them, along with some new security codes.<br

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