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Trump opposition, Dem hacks delude; Blame Russians, vote recount, not themselves

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clapper insightOn November 8, Donald Trump won the presidency with a substantial victory over Hillary Clinton. He captured 30 states and 306 electoral votes, the most for a Republican presidential candidate since 1988. In the process, he garnered 62.8 million votes, more than any other Republican presidential candidate in history. Of course, Clinton received almost 3 million more votes than Trump, but the candidate who receives more than 270 electoral votes wins the presidency and that is what Democrats will not accept. 

In the weeks since the election, there have been protests from Clinton supporters who claim that Trump is “not their President.” If this was done after Obama’s win, the Republicans would have been labeled “racists” and “sore losers.” 

In this case, the media is championing, not criticizing, these Trump critics. Along with the misguided protests, there has been a ludicrous recount effort that was not only expensive, but very time intensive. The end result in Wisconsin is that Trump padded his lead over Clinton by 131 votes. The recount campaign was led by Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, but was supported by the media and the Clinton campaign. The net effect was that the outcome was not changed, but that millions of dollars was raised from foolish Democrats hoping to overturn the election results.  

Another gambit of Democrats has been to pressure presidential electors into not casting a vote for Donald Trump, even though he fairly won 30 states. The Electoral College meets onDecember 19, but, in the last few weeks, electors report receiving thousands of emails, some containing threats and messages of hate. Some electors have been accosted at their place of business by delusional Clinton supporters trying to convince them to change their vote. It has worked on a few electors who have announced they will not be voting for Trump, but Clinton needs 37 to withdraw their support for Trump. Thus, it seems unlikely that the Electoral College will not official elect Trump as President. If that improbable event does occur, the President would be chosen by the House of Representatives, which has a strong GOP majority and would almost certainly elect Trump as President.  

Democrats are also refusing to look in the mirror at why they lost. They are re-electing the same failed leaders from the past, such as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Pelosi presided over the collapse of the Democratic Party in Congress, yet she was still re-elected to her position. The party does not want to address the real reasons they lost all of the southern states and the majority of states in the Rust Belt and the Midwest. The liberal policies of the Democrat Party are no longer popular with struggling Americans trying to provide for their families. Instead of changing policies or reaching out to disaffected voters, every day the Democrats are creating another excuse for why they lost.

They claim that Trump appealed to white supremacy and ran a “vicious” campaign, according to Vice President Joe Biden. Hillary Clinton has blamed both FBI Director James Comey and “fake news” outlets for her loss. The latest culprit is the Russians, who supposedly hacked the DNC and Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta email accounts and leaked the information in a bid to influence the election results and persuade the American people not to support Hillary Clinton.

The problem with this theory is that there is no evidence the email disclosures impacted the election results and there are conflicting intelligence reports about who committed the hacking. Most importantly, the information is certainly not conclusive.

While the Russians may have hacked the email accounts to influence the election, even though they deny it, it may have been conducted by another hacker, or the information could have been leaked by insiders in the DNC or the Clinton campaign. Finally, Julian Assange of WikiLeaks claimed that the Russians did not provide the emails to his organization. Democrats, of course, ignore his statements and continue to claim that this involvement somehow changed the election result.

Podesta wants the presidential electors to be given an intelligence briefing on the hacking before they vote next Monday. This move would be unprecedented and unwise, considering that few of the electors have the proper security clearances to receive an intelligence briefing from our government.

In total, these actions are being taken by delusional Democrats who refuse to accept reality and the election results. Their efforts have been counterproductive and solely intended to either wrest the presidency from Trump or inflict damage to his agenda.

Fortunately, the American people seem to understand the type of game the Democrats are playing. Polls show that Trump’s approval ratings have increased and with a platform that will surely succeed, those numbers will only go up in the future.  


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