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More intelligence differ on Russian motives on hacking but why is Trump denying?

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Trump denies, gets Russian hack boost as Clapper, ODNI, FBI conflict with CIA over Russia intent--

Should Congress have hearings on the matter of alleged Russian hacking of our elections?
The US Senate appears to be heading for investigative hearings about the hacking question.

Donald Trump and his transition team are outraged trying to make it appear there is no problem at all. In fact, they are stating it could have been the Russians, the Chinese or some guy in his bed.
The CIA believes the Russians tried to help Trump win. The FBI believes the Russians hacked but cannot determine the government's intent.
Now, according to Reuters, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) agrees with the FBI.
The burden of proof for the FBI is criminal intent. The standard for the CIA is lower.
The ODNI is headed by James Clapper
So, what’s my take?
It does not matter what the intent was for the hacking. The hacking was done. The entire intelligence community believe it is the Russians. This should not disrupt the process of Trump becoming president It does not delegitimize Trump’s victory-- because one cannot prove the relationship between the hacking and the election results.
Still for Donald Trump to constantly defend Putin and Russia and refuse to acknowledge the intelligence community’s findings and to fight against investigative hearings, that is indeed very troubling.

His own actions of not acknowi\ledging Russian hacking despite the entire intelligence community claiming the country has intruded in out elections, should make all of us wonder why?

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