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Trump's Putin bromance & Russian hacking denials, compromise America's intelligence, world standing

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bromance tweetIn a little more than a month, Donald Trump, the candidate and now, the Donald Trump, the president-elect, will become Donald Trump, the President of the United States, the leader of the free world and frankly, the most important and the most powerful person on earth.

His comments and tweets take on the impact of American policy, directly affecting billions of people.  His words reverberate and resonate in the scholarly halls of the learned, the evil minds of terrorists and the enthusiastic ears of the hopeful.

Today, as he picks his transition team, he and they are embroiled in a major controversy, the likes we have never seen for an incoming president.  The question is simple—can Trump be trusted with putting his own self-serving ego behind the serious security concerns of this nation.

The recent revelations evolving around the Russian cyber-attacks and hacking raises this issue squarely.  The nation’s intelligence communities, at least 18 of them filled with professional men and women, who risk their lives and even those of their families by the work they do for the country, have concluded that the Russians have hacked into political infrastructure of the democrats which at the very minimum, interfered with the elections.

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